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File: 970203_sep96_decls17_0001.txt
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Unit: 1ST ID      

Parent Organization: VII  CORPS  

Box  ID: BX001002

Folder Title: 937 ENG GP DESERT CALM                                                                          

Document Number:         12

Folder Seq  #:          7

             MISSION: Construct MSR Green from Al Busayvah VIC PO 064334 to Loobase Saturn
             VIC PO 4245i2

             START DTG: 281100C Feb9l

             COMPLETION DTO: 011700 C Mar9l

             RESOURCE USED: 6-1306 Graders. 2-1466 Graders
                             6 PLT hps of work

             SCDOE of work: A road was cut to the South of the town of Al Basavvah to connect
             MSR Virainia and MSR Green. Numerous scatterable mines and UXG's were
             encountered slowina work. All ordinance was blown in alace. The   bvoass road to
             the south also linked MSR Packard with the other two MSR'S. After the Bvoass was
             cut. the road was constructed to the northeast. This stretch of road was
             difficult to construct due to numerous soft soots. causina the road to meander
             around them. The next 20 km's were easily constructed due to solid around.
             The MSR in this area was almost 4 lanes wide in some areas with an easterly
             trend. AoDr-oximately 10 km's from Loubase Saturn. the soil became extremely
             soft and sandy. This stretch of the MSR was difficult to maintain and most
             olaces were only one lane wide. An attempt was made to scrade Of loose sand
             until a firm base was reached. but due to the death of the sand. this was never
             acconiolished. This last nortion of the MSR should only be used by hiohlv mobile.
             tactical vehicles. NSR Green ends at a oaved road inconiuction with the airfield
             at Loobase Saturn.

             HSR TRACE COORDINATE: From PO 070340 to PO OBS354 to PO 110370 to PO 139389 to
             PO 171409 to PO 224432 to PO 268451 to PO 305468 to PO 351480 to PO 418509 to PO

             LESSONS LEARNED: A thorouah reconnaisance should always be conducted before
             roads are to be constructed. A mao analysis should not be the determinina factor
 Coordination with the customer and the constructing
             unit must take olace early a@ oessible. Not all areas may be suitable for road
             construction and routes may have to be altered to ease construction.

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Unit = 1ST ID
Parent Organization = VII CORPS
Folder Title = 937 ENG GP DESERT CALM
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