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File: 970203_sep96_decls9_0002.txt
Page: 0002
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Unit: ARCENT      

Parent Organization: CENTCOM     

Box  ID: BX000531

Folder Title: LOD AND REPORT 4-5 APR 91                                                                       

Document Number:         43

Folder Seq  #:         80

         Significant  Events for 3AD Following the Cease-fire

         20 MAR 91    Ist BDE completes relief of 1ID and 3d BDE occupies
                      its training/assembly area/ IAD coordinates with 2d
                      BDE to assume part of 2d BDE's sector/ 3AD totally in
                      Kuwait excepting elements of lst and 2d BDE's in the
         21 MAR 91    IAD completes relief of 2d BDE in the western part of
                      the BDE's sector/ 4-32AR attached to lst BDE/ THE
                      LINK-UP POINT now under 3AD control/ 65 arrives in
                      Safwan to coordinate civilian assistance program
         22 MAR 91    Silkworm destruction mission received/ 3AD begins
                      distribution of humanitarian supplies in SAFWAN and
                      Northern occupied Iraq
         23 MAR 91    3d BDE conducts CALFEX at Thunder Range/ refugees
                      temporarily block CAB access to the Sa-Fwan AF
         24 MAR 91    No significant events
         25 MAR 91    Received mission to be ARCENT agent for distribution
                      of humanitarian supplies in Sa-Fwan area
         26 MAR 91    Safwan clinic and food distribution site overrun by
                      Iraqi civilians(no US casualties)/ received
                      authorization to destroy silkworm missiles IAW 3AD
                      plan on 28 MAR 91
         27 MAR 91    3ad receives order to destroy silkworm missiles on 28
                      MAR 91, if winds are correct/ 3AD reports 4800
                      displaced civilians currently in lst BDE's temporary
                      refuge site
         28 MAR 91    3AD destroys Silkworm missiles and bunker complex at
                      UM OSAR, IRAQ
         29 MAR 91    4-7 CAV finds two dead bodies clothed in wet suits/
                      lst BDE M998 attacked by 20-30 IRAQI juveniles, near
shield and
                      lacerations to 2 soldiers resulted
         30 MAR 91    Kuwaiti AR BN movement toward IZ side of DML is
                      halted by lst SDE's observation and intervention of
                      ARCENT/ 2d BDE has a tank platoon that mistakenly
                      crosses the DML
         31 MAR 91    3d BDE advance parties arrive in 2d BDE sector to
                      begin relief in place of 2d BDE

         01 APR 91    4-7 CAV fires on Spearhead range with M3's/ LTC
                      Rosenberger is promoted and on his way to the APOE
                      his helicopter crashes, he walks away and continues
                      his flight/ 3d BDE's main bodies move into 2d BDE's
                      sector to relieve them in place

         02 APR 91    3d BDE assumes CP's at 0600/ 5-lBIN has I soldier KIA
                      and 3 WIA due to cluster bombl 4-32AR has I soldier
                      killed by a cluster bomb/ 2d BDE closes on new sector

         03 APR 91    LTC Rock, ARCENT LNO at THE LINK-UP POINT, completed
                      his recon of the disputed border area near UMM CASR/

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