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Unit: ARCENT      

Parent Organization: CENTCOM     

Box  ID: BX000531

Folder Title: LOD AND REPORT 4-5 APR 91                                                                       

Document Number:         43

Folder Seq  #:         80

         AETV-TFC-0                                                 04 APR 91

         MEMORANDUM FOR Commanding General, 3d Armored Division

         SUBJECT: Significant Events for ZAD Following the Cease-fire

         1. This is an information paper.

         2. The following is a listing of th 3AD's significant events
         since the cease-+ire. It was compiled from the S3 Operations
         daily logs, the VII Corps Commander's Daily SITREP, input from
         the BOS, and 3AD FRAGOS.

         3. The significant events are as follows:

         28 FEB 91    Temporary cease-fire at 0800.
         01 MAR91-PRESENT    Destruction of Iraqi equipment by the
                      engineers and EOD teams
         02 MAR 91    2d BDE soldier suffers chemical contamination, FOX
                      vehicle confirms presence of H-series chemical agent
                      and clinical urinalysis showed presence of thiol
                      diglyciol, a breakdown by-product of blister agent
         03 MAR 91    Aerial recon of 3AD sector and axis' of advance
         04 MAR 91    Redeployment of early returnees begun
         05 MAR 91    No significant events
         06 MAR 91    206 soldiers to Dhahran +or redeployment
         07 MAR 91    AAR/sandtable begins at the IZ 17AD CP with BN CDR's
         08 MAR 91    AAR/sandtable continues
         09 MAR 91    No significant events
         10 MAR 91    No significant events
         11 MAR 91    CPT Kime, lst BDE, hits a mine and is seriously
                      wounded/ 2d BDE with 4-7 CAV , OPCON'D, SP to assume
                      ICD sector
         12 MAR 91    CPT KIME dies of wounds sustained in mine accident/
                      Relief of 1CD completed/ 4-32AR attached to 2d BDE
         13 MAR 91    2d set of early returnees, 275, identified/ HEMTT
                      from 503d FSB runs over M998 from 19th EN BN killing
                      2 soldiers
th 2d BDE/ 2d set of early returnees
                      departs/ initial contact with IZ resistance leader,
                                                                      5 U.S.C. 552 (b)(7)(D)
         15 MAR 91    ADC-S transports IZ resistance leader to DREAR for
         16 MAR 91    Ist BDE prepares for relief of IID/ CAB opens small
                      arms range in occupied Iraq/ 2d BDE reports large oil
                      leak in their sector of occupied Iraq/ order issued
                      to prepare to defend Northern Kuwait on order
         17 MAR 91    Iraqis meet with UN forces at Safwan
         18 MAR 91    6 CI personnel attached to ARCENT in Kuwait City
         19 MAR 91    3AD assumes security mission of THE LINK-UP POINT as
                      lst BDE assumes the IID sector/ MED team from 3AD
                      moves to Safwan to provide civilian assistance

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