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File: 970815_sep96_decls14_0001.txt
Page: 0001
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Subject = HISTORICAL REVIEW OF SIG CHEM AGENT                             

Parent Organization = ARCENT      

Unit = VII CORPS   

Folder Title = 3 AD CHAP 8 OTHER STAFF SEC XII ASSISTANT DIV CHEM OFFICER                                      

Document Number =         12

Box ID = BX000306

                                                                   S: '21 Mar 91
             AFTV-TFD-116                                             I Mar 91

             MEMORANDUM                 EX

             SUBJECT: M                 eview of Sirmi-Ficant Chemical Evsnts during

             1. The following is a historical rev4ew of signicicant c@-,emical
             events du-ring-OPERATION DESERT SPEAR.

             2. These are the significant events regarding the deoloyment o4 the
             .'.j Armor Division Chemical Sectio,-i.

                      AU@HCR: LTC Adams
             UNIT: 3AD.Chemical
             ACTTVITY/EVENT: SCUD attact, and the kBC reaction by @AD
             DATP/@T.M.E, 710070L Jan
             DESCRIPTION: Unit arrived      at Winq Find Airoort L4@-,.ri,@g a s=L-.,-4 attack.
             Pe-son.nel -@L-re 4-istructed  to begin +@-aking Pyridostigmine P-omide (PB)
             tablets and   'o@oceed to MOPP 4 based on recommendation of VII Qcrp-
             personnel. First request -;:or chemical agent monitors (CAM) wa,@ C,

             REPORT  AUTMOR: LTC Adams
             UNIT- 3AD Chemical
             AC@IVITY/EVENT: Threat Chemical Weapons Use.
             DATE/TIME: 240430L Jan
             DESCRIPTION: Saddam Huissoin said on TV and radio that since the
             Americans had used chemical weapons first, he was doing to
             coL,.nte@-at'tRck using' che@nicals.

                      AUT4n-R: @-TC Adams
                    7AD @-@,emical
             ACTIVI@Y/EVENT: Possible C-hernst-i@-.9.
             DA@c-/TIME: 241355L Jan
             1)@-SCRIPTION.---G3-OPS-rL-pc)rtL-d ;k possible c-hemstri@-.e via P-'4 21. T@-,s
             fl%essacie--ar@              an Iraqi ERW.    It was later o-oved

             ACTI                          ical BDA
             DATE M
                              Twenty-pl@,tn Oii@rnirAl                                     'Mi@

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