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Parent Organization = ARCENT      

Unit = VII CORPS   


Document Number =          3

Box ID = BX000313

                                   3D ARMORED DIVISION ARTILLERY
                                         HISTORICAL SUMMARY
                                      OPERATION DESERT STORM
                                           PHASES III - V
                                        (24-28 FEBRUARY 1991)

                                      O-DAY, 24 FEBRUARY 1991

              The friendly situation at the beginning of Phase III was as follows:
          The mission of the VII Corps was "to attack, on order, the Iraqi defenses
          and destroy the Republican Guards Forces Command (RGFC) in zone". The
          RBFC was composed primarily of the AL Medina and Hamurabi Armored
          Divisions and the Tawakalna Mechanized Division. However, there were
          numerous other force% including the 12th, 17th and 52d Armored Divisions
          in close proximity and probably under control of the RBFC. Phase V
          (Destruction of the RGFC) plans were outlined in VII Corps FRAGPLAN 7. it
          stated that the 3D Armored Division (3 AD) mission was to "conduct an
          envelopment in accordance with OPORD 1990-2, and on order, attack in
          coordination with the IST Armored Division (I AD) to destroy RGFC in the
          vicinity of Objective Dorsett. The VIT Corps was oriented to the North
          with the XVIII Airborne Corps (ABC) on it's left flank and Northern Arab
          Command (NAC) on the right flank. The VII Corps itself was on line with
          the IAD, the 3AD, the IST Infantry Division (I ID), and the IST Cavalry
          Division (I CD) -From west to east. The I CD was technically the ARCENT
          reserve. The 2D Armored Cavalry Regiment (2 ACR) occupied positions in
          Forward Assembly Area (FAA) Concord, directly north of FAA Garcia and FAA
          Butts which were occupied by the I AD and the 3 AD respectively. The IST
          United Kingdom Armored Division, t(UK) AD, was in their FAA positioned to
          the south of I ID. The I ID plan was to open a breach site and for the I
          (UK) AD to pass through. The I (UK) AD then planned to move north and
          then turn east into the enemy flank. VII Corps alone was to attack on the
          day after Ground Day (6 Day) at BMNT. All other forces would attack on G

              The intelligence assessment from the G-2, 3 AD as of 240300 was as
          follows: Iraq will continue to maintain its defense in the Kuwait Theater
          of Operations (KTO). Iraqi ground forces are incapable of conducting an
          operational level offensive, although the RGFC remains capable of
          conducting limited counterattacks. Units will remain dispersed to enhance
          survivability against Coalition air attacks and to conserve forces for the
          anticipated ground attack. There are no major indications that Iraq has
          repositioned any of it's heavy forces just prior to the start of the
          ground campaign. Iraq will probably wait until it has identified the
          Coalition's main attack before repositioning its limited armored and
          mechanized forces.

              On 24 Feb at 0530, the Divarty Headquarters (HQ) was positioned in FAA
          Butts at grid NS 3ose54. The I)ivarty conducted Stand-to in preparation
          for movement from the current location to positions several kilometers
          north into FAA Concord. The Divarty HQ was directed to SP at 1200 hours.
          This movement was planned to close the gap between the 2d Armored Cavalry
          Regiment, the Corps screen, and the lead elements of the 3d Armored
          Division. This movement would -Facilitate preparation +or thf- VII Corps
          ground attack on 6+1.

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