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Subject = OPERATION DESERT SHIELD  STORM   16 MAY 92                      

Parent Organization = ARCENT      

Unit = VII CORPS   

Folder Title = SPREAD SHEET SUMMARY-MAP AND HISTORY OF 82 ENG BN TRAVELS 16 MAY 92                             

Document Number =          6

Box ID = BX000301

                                   DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY
                             Headquarters, 82d Engineer Battalion
                                          APO AE 09193
        AETVBEN-C-B                                            16 May 1992


        SUBJECT: Operation Desert Shield/Storm

        1. Enclosed is a summary of the events and experiences of the 82d
        Engineer Battalion while deployed to SWA in support of Operation
        Desert Storm/Shield.

        2. During Operation Desert Shield/Storm, the 82d Engineer Battalion
        was a Corps Combat Mechanized Battalion assigned to the 7th
        Engineer Brigade, VII (US) Corps. Throughout most of Desert Shield
        and all of Desert Storm, the Blue Babe Battalion was OPCON to the
        2na Armored Cavalry Regiment (2ACR).

        3. The Battalion's performance throughout the entire operation was
        solid, as confirmed by statements from Colonel Holder, 2ACR
        Commander, and Colonel Raines, the 7th Engineer. Brigade Commander.
        Even though the operation went well from all accounts, we did
        suffer 6 casualties, 3 mortally. The Sappers of this Battalion,
        although proud of their accomplishments in the Desert, will always
        be reminded of the cost of war.

        4. This document contains a general narrative of the Battalion's
        experiences, a more detailed chronology, and several enclosures
        providing detailed personnel, operational, and logistical data.
        Also included is a copy of the 2ACR Operation Desert Shield/Storm

        5. POC for this history is the undersigned. BLUE BABE, SIR!

        Enclosures.                                 DAVID A. TUTTLE
        1. Narrative of Battalion's Involvement     ILT, EN
        with Operations Desert Storm/Shield.        Bn Intelligence Officer
        2. Chronological History.
        3. General Battalion Information
        4. 2ACR Narrative

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