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Subject = INFO PAPER CHEM AGENT EXPOSURE  5 MAR 91                        

Parent Organization = AMC         

Unit = AMC         

Folder Title = CHEM AGENT EXPOSURE OPER DS INFO PAPER -PFC DAVID FISHER                                        

Document Number =          1

Box ID = BX003401


            5 March 91

                                    INFORMATION PAPER

                                 CHEMICAL AGENT EXPOSURE
                                  OPERATION DESERT STORM   5 USC 552(b)(6)
            1.   PFC David Allen Fisher,              is assigned to Scout
            Platoon, HHT, 4/8 Cavalry, 2nd Bde, 3d Armored Division, as a
            cavalry scout, MOS 19D. His exposure to mustard liquid occurred
            on I March 91 an the objective of 4/8 Cav in northwestern Kuwait
            (grid reference reported separately by LTC Adams, 3AD Chemical
            Officer). PFC Fisher's mission on 1 March included exploring
            enemy bunker complexes for intelligence materiel and personnel,
            and demolition of enemy fighting vehicles. On that date he wore
            Nomex tanker coveralls and a ballistic protective vest. While
            exploring numerous bunkers he remembers coming into contact with
            many surfaces in tight passages, resulting in the soiling of his
            clothing and equipment. He participated in demolition of ZSU-23
            antiaircraft systems, BRD.M vehicles, and T55 tanks only. He
            specifically states that he was not in contact with tube or
            rocket field artillery systems.

            2.   PFC Fisher completed his mission at about 1700 on I March,
            returned to his platoon area, and experienced no symptoms for 8
            hours until he started radio watch at 0100 on 2 March. At that
            time he felt stinging pain on the skin of his left upper arm, saw
            that the skin had a red sunburned appearance without blisters,
            and thought that it felt like a spider bite. He slept from 0300
            to 0400, woke for stand-to, and felt more stinging pain on his
            arm. At this time there were blisters on the upper arm and more
            reddened skin on the lower arm. At 0800 his company medic
            checked him, thought he might have a heater burn, and had him
            return at 1600, when more blisters had formed on the lower arm.
            At that time he was seen by CW2 Ahmed and CW3 Wildhelm at the 4/8
            Cav aid station. They suspected he 'might be a blister agent
            casualty, decontaminated him with 0.5% chlorine solution, applied
            a local dressing and evacuated him to C Co., 45th Support Bn.
            During their evaluation they were assisted by chemical personnel
            who monitored PFC Fisher's clothing and equipment with the
            spectrometer of a Fox NBC recon vehicle. Initial read-ings of
            soiled areas of clothing gave weak positive spectra suggesting
            possible lewisite or phosgene oxime contamination. A later
            reading of a soiled area of the left upper shoulder pad of the
            ballistic vest gave a strongly positive reading for HQ, a mustard
            compound. A subsequent Fox survey of the bunker complex was
            positive for mustard, HD.

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