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File: 970815_sep96_decls33_0001.txt
Page: 0001
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Subject = 2ACR INTSUM FOR MARCH 4 SUMMARY                                 

Parent Organization = ARCENT      

Unit = VII CORPS   

Folder Title = 2ACR-COMMAND REPT-OPNS DS-DS VOL 16B-SECT 2-PART C-SECT 1-INTSUMS  2-31 MAR 91                  

Document Number =          4

Box ID = BX000313


             -(Mm ar 'I.'           c ar)t Pr c3grc@s,@, tow at dL pt:-. -At: e i6, jQui) i,aL;e wi ",;i tile mlet in
                  Ger)er a! Sch war.-., op@ ai)d I r a q.,                   s.         (.0; rc.-Mai ns I;. the
                sai @ eiit. ir,.tc4i                        ci i@oi-garii zlci          IC,')C)LiL ef iective command
      .%I)O LOT)4tr 01 .

      @'N At a meeting yesterday morning with iraqi comftiatiders, L;i:NTCOr, CINC Gener-al
      Schwarzkopi sc-@cur'L@d CliL- agreement a-,' Ir-aq to ti. k:c)nditirifis laid out lly the
      U.N. for @i lastirig r-eise f ire.                                  tile r@.-patrIaLICn a+ coalition
      "JV,'s aild ti-ie diSCIE)SUt-e L)t I-'-1(41 -" -Ai;@                                    I              I
                                                          4,     fiiinL-fi@-ids in ,,uwLil itt'ici Southern traL4.

            IID (M) remains deployed in i                             soLt";)west c.5" Al                 The division
      IS L-':PeLteci to pull back' "a I -,pL@fii,.Od demarcatioi) line which will seperate
      Li.-c;. forces    from T   raqi troops by at lerst 2@,@il.

      @W li-aql troops in the vicfiity of Al. BAsr@ill Continue to SIMLtit,@-,nL@ot.;sly move
      troops north and establish hasty de+en@.cs. it tias been assL@s,.Fc tiiat there is
      -kppro-                                                                     E?    @'our
              :imately a mechrni-ed divtT,@,Dr. ',-) in 'I'llis ar a.                          unit 4Lirm@k@-4ons irid
      other evidence of disarray indicate trial O+feCtIVC- Command atid contr,ol of
    Remaining Iraqi troops ,i-i t@iL,                     still :its riot bec?n rLe?-,"abli         .shi-d.

      ?'4% Preaident Hussein times not been seen or heard in pub"ic .LincL- the                                U.S. Air
          ce reportedly destroyed an LiridL@rgr-c)Ltnd command and contro' builder                             in the
      rising hours of combat operations. Itiis has led to speculation treat                                    either
      @IL(SSein is dead or has fled @he cot-tnti,,y. Ttie5e rc@por".@,                           riot been

      MN On 3 Mar, a soldier +r-on -'AD complaiied of burning                                             on his Lipper
      -Arm was found to have bc.,e:i IffeLted by C' and Lewisite, two forms a+ blister
      agent. A Fuchs vehicle was dispatched to the vicinity of PU99'@047 to verify
      the report and found minute tric:es of CX and somewhat s@lronger, traces of

                                                    UNGIASSIFIED DECLASSIFIED
                                                                                    ON: 24 JUN 97
                                                                                    BY: SEC ARMY (DAMH)
                                                                                    UNDER SEC 3.4 EO 12958

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