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File: 980724_sep96_decls4_0001.txt
Page: 0001
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Subject = SF -CG'S CIR                                                    

Box ID = BX007018

Folder title = DOHA ACCIDENT UPDATE 29 JUL 91 B                                                                

Unit = OSAGWI      

Parent = USAGWD      


     type 1
     (message    1:  5787 bytes)
     Date:      Fri, 29 Nov 91 13:44:17 EST
     From:      AMSEL-SF 
     To:        AnAel-Cg@MONMOUTH-MO3.ARMY.MIL
     cc:        ansel-sf@moNmouTIi-M3.ARMY.NILI amsel-og-l$MONMOUTH-EMH3.ARMY.MIL,
                amsel-cs@MONMOUTE-M3.ARMY.NIL, amsel-dcb@MONMOUTH-EM3.ARKY.MIL,

     SUBJECT:   SF - CG'S CIR - 11/29/91


         a. Camp Doha Accident Site Update.
              (1) We have recently received EMail from our LARs that a
     Contractor EOD team completed clearing the site in late November.
     The 22nd SUPCOM Area Support Battalion Cnmmander reported that
     the Contractq7@ EOD team conducted radiation measurements on each
     piece of equipment removed from the site and that any
     contaminated equipment identified was properly disposed as
     radioactive wastp.
              (2) The 2                                 the area after it
     was cleared by th@e  contractor I               verified that there
     was no detectable contamination.

              (3) 1 spoke with                  d S
     officer to th                                  nd cated tha
     41A*-tu-,fixil-someone to re               concerns regarding
     Depleted Uranium (DU). Apparently              sent a message to the
     State Department regarding these concerns and this was forwarded
     to the Department of the Army.
              (4) 1 was able to address concerns dealing with the Camp
     Doha issue and I reiterated the current status and results to LTC
     Ware. I suggested that LTC Ware visit KAJ Tucker, L@.kO- FOX-It42:d. to
     verify the current status.                  ------
              (5) LTC Ware indicated that he was to visit CgIL-Eialds@
     Dhahran, Kuwait, who was responsible for-all EOD in tEe- area of
     operation. It wag su@ggeste@d th@at he also--s-ee--th-0 DECOM LARS I for
     first hand information, before they depart the theater.
              (6) LTC Ware asked if RADCON could come to Kuwait to
     check out all areas, including Camp Doha and surrounding
     potentially contaminated areas, all tank fire training ranges and
     "Valley of Death* Road leading to Iraq where there was hundreds
     of destroyed vehicles of all types. He requested that we come
     for a six week period. X indicated that the decision to deploy
     RADcoN for that period of time has to come from OSA/OSD 'levels,
     and not from CECOM.
              (7) LTC ware called again and spoke to mr. Dave Sharman
     and suggested that AMC contact CENTCOX to verif3@-me-vtltus@of
     the Camp Doha accident site cleanup effort and provide a report
     regarding this matter. This report should$ as a minimumf contain
     the following:
                    (a) The units and responsible individuals


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