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Subject = DOHA CAMP ACCIDENT SURVEY UPDATE                                

Box ID = BX007018

Folder title = DOHA ACCIDENT UPDATE 29 JUL 91 B                                                                

Unit = OSAGWI      

Parent = USAGWD      

                                                                                          L 4


                                       DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY
                     Headquarters, US Army Communications-Electronics Command
                                    Fort Mo=outhe NJ 07703-5024

                AMSEL-SF-RAI)CON                                         31 July 1991
                MEMORANDUM FOR Commander, Task Force Victory (Fwd), ATTN:
                                  AETSBCS-V, Cimp Doha, Kuwait, APO 098889-0003

                SUBJECT-. Doha Camp Accident Survey Update

                1. Reference your memorandum, 31 July 1991, SUBJECT:
                Redep@oyment of the U.S. Army RAD CON Team.
                2. As you requested in the above reference the following is

                    a. BACKGROUND. The US Army Radiological Control (RADCON)
                Team, US Army Communications-Electronics Command, Fort Monmouth-     'r---
                NJ, deployed to Camp Doha, Kuwait on 16 July 199      -fh-
                                                                    I..   e mission
                of the RADCON team was to provide rad72-a@tio@n protraction guidance
                and assistance to support the recovery of vehicles and the clean
                UP Of the Doha accident site.

                    b. ACCOMPLISHMENTS. The Army RADCON Team completed
                radiation surveys of all areas cleared by EOD. Three 55-gallon
                drums containing DU penetrators and a pile of burned penetrators
                were in the cleared site. The RADCON and DU Recovery Teams
                placed this 'material into the three contaminated Ml tanks for
                shipment to the US. Seven M8AI Chemical Agent Alarm Systems
                containing Americium-241 were also involved in the fire. one was
                recovered from the area cleared by EOD. The radioactive source
                cell was not damaged. one additional M8AI was recovered from one
                of the MI Tanks removed from the area near tho wash rack. The
                radioactive source cell was penetrated by a fragment from the
                explosion and burned in the fire. No alpha radiation
                contamination was detected. This M8Al was placed in one of the
                contaminated Xi tanks for shipment to the US for.disposal. The
                dump site located near the camp were debris was discarded was
                also surveyed. The survey of the dump site located one DU
                penetrator (Uranium-238) which was recovered for disposal.
                    c. CURRENT SITUATION. There is no radiation hazard to
                personnel outside the exclusion area. Five MSAIS and an unknown
                quantity of DU penetrators in solid, melted, and burned states
                may exist in the exclusion area.
                    d. RECOMMENDATIONS. All personnel entering this area must
                be made aware of the potential hazard which may exist. Any
                clean-up effort must include appropriate radiation protection
                support and proper disposal of radioactive material.


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