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Subject = SWA DOHA CAMP ACCIDENT SURVEY UPDATE- AUG                       

Box ID = BX007018

Folder title = DOHA ACCIDENT UPDATE 29 JUL 91 B                                                                

Unit = OSAGWI      

Parent = USAGWD      

           may-26-9ti lb:41-i   @U@IMUU4-eA-@              @f                             P.

        type 29
        (Message    29: 3425 bytes)
        Date.      Fri, 2 Aug 91 18:14:15 SAT
        From:      CECOX-DHARRAN 
        SUbj*Ct:   SWA>Doha Camp Accident Survey UpdatelAuguat 2, 1991

        Please pass to the following%
            a. CS-ZAS for MG McGrath
            b. AWILLIS for MG Arwood
            c. AMCSF for J. Rankin
            d. AMSEL-CS for COL Craig

        1. Reference memorandum, Task Force Victory, AETSBCS-V, 31 July
        1991,_ STJBJECT:. Redeployment of the U.S. Army RAD CON Team.
        2. On 30 July 1991 the Commander, ARCENT (Fwd) declared the North
        Camp Doha motqrpool and exclusion area off-limits to all personnel.
        Negotiations are-currently ongoing to secure a civilian contract for
        EOD clearing of the exclusion zone. Based on this,the Commander,
        Task Force Victory (Pwd) concurred with a recommendation to redeploy
        the US Army PADCON Team to the US. The team is currently scheduled
        to return to the US on 3 August 1991.

        3. As requested in the above reference the following information was
        provided to BG Goodbary, Commander, Task Force Victory (Fwd), COL
        Huff, CofS'AMC SWA, and MAJ Martin, AMC LAO, Camp Doha:

            a. BACKGROUND. The US Armv Radiological Control (RADCON) Team,
        US Army Comniinications)Electronics Command, Fort Monmouth, NJ,
        deployed to Camp Doha, Kuwait on 16 July 1991. The mission of         the
        RADCON team was to provide radiation protection guidance and
        assistance to support the recovery of vehicles and the clean up of
        the Doha accident site.

            b. ACCOMPLISMONTS. The Army RADCON Team completed radiation
        surveys of all areas cleared by EOD. Three 55-gallon drums
        containing DU penetrators (Uranium-238) and a pile of burned
        penetrators were in the cleared sit*. The RADCON and DU Recovery
        Teams placed this material into the three contaminated MI tanks for
        shipment to the US. Seven KSAI chemical Agent Alarm Systems
        containing Americi=-241 were also involved in the fire.' One was
        recovered from the area cleared by ZOD. The radioactive source cell
        was not damaged. One additional MSAI was recovered from one of the
        MI Tanks removed from the area near the wash rack. The radioactive
        source call was penetrated by a fragment from the explosion and
        burned in the fire. No alpha radiation contamination was detected.
        This MSAI was placed in one of the contaminated Ml tanks for shipment
        to the US for disposal. The dump site located near the camp were
        debris was discarded was also surveyed. The survey of the dump site
        located one DU penetrator which was recovered for disposal.
            0. CURRENT sITUAT:[oN. There isi no radiation hazard to personnel
        outside the exclusion area. Five M$Als and an unknown quantity of DU
        penetrators in solid, melted, and burned states may exist in the
        exclusion area.


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