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Box ID = BX005154

Folder Title = CARC  ISSUES                                                                                    

Unit = 22D SUPCOM  

Parent = ARCENT      


                                  DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY
                            READQUARTERST 22D SUPPORT COMMAND
                            SUPCOM MEDICAL GROUP (PROVIBIO.NAL)
                           DHAHRANI, SAUDI ARABlAi, APO NY 09616

           AFRD-MD-PMS                                               4 June 91

           MEMORANDUM FOR Commander, Medical Group (Provisional)

           SUBJECT: Medical Surveillance of Soldiers Performing CARC Painting

           1.   On 3 Jun 91, 1 met with LTC Bailey, VII Corps Redeployment
           Surgeon.    We discussed the medical surveillance of soldiers
           performing CARC painting.
           2. Basci on the meeting, I believe that effective administrative
           control, engineering controls, and personal protective equipment
           are being used in a professional manner. Also, the likelihood of
           the soldiers being injured due to CARC painting procedure is almost

           3.   Through mutual agreement, soldiers performing CARC painting
           will be evaluated through a questionnaire. This will be directed
           specif ically towards a risk assessment of inadvertent or accidental
           exposure to CARC paint or solvents. LTC Bailey will implement the
           use of the questionnaire.

           4. 1 recommend the questionnaire be utilized as a form of medical
           surveillance instead of performing laboratory procedures. I feel
           the questionnaire and the algorithm produced by it will provide
           efficient, safe and cost effective measures to protect the health
           of the soldiers performing the painting.

                                              TliOMAS N. LITTLE
                                              MA,J, MC
                                              Preventive Medicine Consultant
           VII Corps Reployment, ATTN: LTC Bailey


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