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File: 980818_aug97_decls1_0001.txt
Page: 0001
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Subject = US ARMY SAFETY CENTER  ARMY SAFETY PROGRAM                      

Box ID = BX002322

Folder Title = ARMY SAFETY PROGRAM US ARMY SAFETY CENTER                                                       

Unit = FORSCOM     

Parent = FORSCOM     


              AFRD-PA-S    (385 - 1 Oa)                                     15 DEC 90


              SUBJECT: Ha7ard report, CARC painting operation.

              1. iteceivec i report from CDt \'elson, S-4 176th VainTenance un.
              concerning his units CAIIC painting operation. @its soldiers have
              been showing symploms of : rashes, vomiting, riati,lea and

              2. The report was ile(;eive(I at 1435 H!?b 15 L)t   -C 90. Cnt Nelson
              seemed very concerned for the we!fare of @iis soldiers but was also
              interested in doing The job. iie state that his tinit .vas
              instructed 10 use VOPII gear     for :)rolecl;ori.  I'ti i , i tit, I ufjes us i no
              The IV.1'1 protective maslc for  respiratory )@ole(:iioti.

              3 . The  unit is located oft     the Daninani . Kabar nigriway @it the
              sports (:ily exit.    .[hey are  at the Atilowori(I fa(:iltty s,raighl
              across from ine Sports City.

              4. Any assistance trial can De provided is api)-e(:ialecl. POC is
              MR. Bled@oe, EX] 498-8481, ARCLNI Safely officer.

                                                      VICtiA[:[ 1). BLEI)SOI,-.
                                                       Safety I)irector


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