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Subject = PAINT OPERATIONS                                                

Box ID = BX007020

Folder Title = PAINT OPERATIONS                                                                                

Unit = OSAGWI      

Parent = USAGWD      

                       UNCLASSIFIED    "@ctuLimrNT OF THE ARMY
                                        ARMY MATERIEL COMMAND
                                  UNITED STATES ARMY SUPPORT GROUP
                                        APO New York 09616

              SDSSG-YO                                                    20 Apr 91

              MEMORANDUM FOR 22nd Sub Com Safety officer (LTC Palmer)

              SUBJECT: Paint operations

              1. Air supplied respirators are being used by personnel painting at
              Al Jubayl. The air is not being monitored for carbon monoxide.
              Obser-vations by our maintenance personnel indicate the compressors ar
              'blowing' oil which to date has been filtered and traped. Because ol
              the amount of oil and load on compressors the generation of carbon
              monoxide and/or filter overload is imminent.
              2. Recommend that your staff and 12th Med Det. personnel closely
              monitor operations for oil mist or CO exposure.
              3.  This 'office is working with project managers to secure breathing
              air compressors and/or additional Grade D capable filters with CO
              alarms. '

              4 . Additional 3H hardcap assemblies, and replacement shrouds to
              sustain paint operations have been ordered. 3m dual cartride
              respirators for support personnel have also been ordered along with
              re-build'kits and parts. Standard cartridge combination will remain
              organic vapor and high efficiency filter.
              5 . In addition to acquiring the breathing air compressors efforts are
              underway to upgrade to 250 CFM compressors with coolers which in
              combination with filters and CO alarm could also reliably deliver
              Grade D air.

              6. In addition to the current operation at Al Jubayl another site is
              being set up at the Port of Dammam by 593d ASC.
              7. Recommend that your personnel inspect: site prior to operation.
              8. AMC/USASG point of contact for paint operations is Bill Shirley.
                                                  qi/(L4@wsco    SHI
                                                   safety offi r
              7th Corps Safety office
              12th Medical Detaebinent


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