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Subject = SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS FOR CARC PAINTING                         

Box ID = BX007020

Folder Title = SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS FOR CARC PAINTING OF VII CORPS                                            

Unit = OSAGWI      

Parent = USAGWD      


                                      INFORMATION PAPER

              SUP@JECT: Safety Considerations for CARC Painting of Vil CorDs

              1. Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) paint operations
              present specific safety hazards. As of this writing there is
              not adequate safety equipment on-hand, in theater, to begin or
              sustain painting operations. The necessary safety equipment can
              be obtained from COWJS Depots and commercial suppliers.
              2. Recommend the following be accomplished prior to the conduct
              of redeployment CARC painting operations:
                  a. Identify specific personnel who will perform the CARC
              painting and initiate standard medical surveillance through the
              MEDCOM.  (full physical, cholinesterase blood levels, pulmonary
              function test, full chest x-ray).
                  b. Provide adequate facilities to accomplish the painting.
              Facilities should have explosion/spark resistant lights,
              receptacles and equipment, and fire extinguishers of BC rating.
                  C. Provide safety training to the personnel who will
              perform the painting operation.
                  d. Obtain oiless Grade D air compressors in sufficient
              quantity (one per booth) to provide the painters with a miniTni,Tn
              of 15 cubic feet per minute air f low. The air system will
              require vortex in-line air coolers to temper the breathing air.
              Air compressors will need to be of the 100 psi variety.

                  e. Identify and position a paint and solvent storage area
              for the painting operation.
              3. Specific safety equipment needs have been identified by
              manufacturer and model number by AMC/USASG safety pers(5nnel. A
              comprehensive checklist based upon Army regulations and
              U.S. national consensus standards is provided in enclosure.

                                            HQ 22D SUPCOM Safety
                                            13 April 1991


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