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Subject: Information About Botulinum Vaccine


        You are being given a vaccine called botulinum toxoid because you are
considered at risk of exposure to botulism. Botulism can cause serious paralysis or
death.  It is caused by toxins that interfere with the normal transmission of nerve
signals.  Botulism can arise from: (a) contaminated food and water, (b)contaminated
wounds, or (c) a biological warfare attack. Symptoms of botulism can begin as early
as three hours or as late as several days after exposure to the toxin.  Symptoms include
blurred vision, generalized weakness, difficulty in swallowing and talking.     Treatment
after exposure is primarily supportive and there is an antitoxin/antidote which may be
beneficial.  Your primary protection against botulinum toxin is the use of your
chemical protective mask and overgarment.    Vaccination with botulinum toxoid is
expected to provide additional protection for individuals exposed to the toxin.
However, no vaccine is 100% effective.  No other vaccine is available which can give
you this protection.

        This is an investigational (not yet licensed) vaccine that has been safely given to
over 3,000 laboratory workers and scientists over the past 25 years.     It will be
administered as a series of three injections under the supervision of qualified medical

        About 92% of people who are vaccinated report no significant side effects
beyond the local pain experienced at the time the vaccine is given.     However, like other
vaccines you have been given, this one may have some side effects.       Side effects occur
in 4% to 8% of people.   When they occur, they are usually at the site of injection and
include pain, tenderness, swelling, redness, and/or itching.     All these are common
symptoms with the typhoid vaccine you have already received.        The number of these
loccI reactions tends to increase after the first injection.  Rarely an individual may
develop a small lump at the injection site which lasts for several days to weeks before
going away.    Local reactions that can interfere with performance of your duties are
very uncommon.     (3eneralized reactions may include fever, tiredness, headache and/or
muscle pain and occur in less than 1 % of people.  Rarely (less than 1 in 1,000
injections) an individual may be unable to perform duties for a day or two.     As with
any vaccination, a very rare, unexpected, potentially severe, side effect not previously
observed could occur.   If you are pregnant it is not known if this vaccine will harm
your unborn baby.   However, most vaccines do not harm an unborn baby when given
to the mother.

        If a reaction that worries you occurs after you leave the area where the vaccine
was given you should report to sick call.

        You may be one of a group to receive a postcard in the next few weeks asking
for information on your experiences with this vaccine.

        I have read and understand the information above on the
botulinum toxoid vaccine.             I voluntarily submit to the series
of vaccines.

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