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                        U~IrEO STATES CENTRAL COMMAND
                       OPERAtION DESERT SHIELD APO NY O%rj2

                           April 8, 1991                       4�


   I have been asked to respond on behalf of                    to
your letter concerning health risks resulting from the Kuwait oil
fires.    Air  assessments have   been made by  multiple  agencies
including the United States Army Nedical Cornand, the United States
Environmental   Protection Agency, the  United  Kingdom Office  of
Meteorology,  the Kuwait Environmental Protection Department,  and
the Saudi    Arabian Meteorological and  Environmental  Protection
Adninistration.    I am happy to tell you that the air monitoring
results to date have shown lower than expected levels of toxic
gases and particulates front the oil well fires.   In fact, the 24
hour average levels are well within the United States Ambient Air
Quality Standards.

   Not all monitored parameters have been completed and studies are
on-going.   We all share your concern over possible long term health
effects, but we have no scientific evidence of toxins at sufficient
level to cause acute or chronic disease of even a moderate degree.
Cigarette smoking poses a known and, in my opinion, a much greater
risk to our soldiers.

   I share your pride and concern for our troops.  My own son is a
soldier with the VII Corps from Germany and I can assure you that
we are doing everything possible do define and limit the health
risk from the oil fires and any other hazard.

                               Colonel, U.S  Army~~~
                               Assistant Command Surgeon

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