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                        uNIr´┐Ż-o STATES CENTflAL CO~MANO                 -~
                       oPEflMtON DESERT SHIE~ APO NY

                           April 8, 1991                             Mw--


I have been asked to respond to your letter of 18 March 1991 On
behalf of                      We all share your concern         for the
welfare of our troops in the desert.  The heat in this part of the
world has projpted recorded comment since the 14th Century!           As
suner    approaches    we   welcome   experienced          and   learned

presently,   U.S.   Army    policy   emphasizes        the    Commanders
responsibility for the welfare of his soldiers, to include avoiding
preventable heat injuries.   He is assisted in this responsibility
by a host of preventive and therapeutic medical personnel.         We no
longer utilize the well known salt tablets for the very reasons
your letter points out.  Acclimatization and adaptation to the heat
are  emphasized  and   "water  discipline"  now       means   the  ready
availability of  copious   amounts of fluids.         Drinking to  avoid
thirst rather than waiting for thirst to occur is a maxim we adhere
to.  Limitation of exertion during periods when the heat index is
elevated is also practiced.

Nutritional and medicinal formulations utilized by the U.S. Army
are  fully  evaluated   by  the U.S.  Army  Medical        Research  and
Development  Command    and  procured  by   the        Defense   Medical
Standardization Board, both of Fort Detrick, Frederick, Maryland.

Thanks again for your concern and support.

                               Colonel, U.S. Army,
                               Assistant command Surgeon

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APO NY 09852

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