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                          March is, 1991
 General Norman Schwarzkoph
 Conander in chief
 Us Centtal command
 opoeration Desert shield
 APO New York', 09852

 Dear General Schwarzkopf,

A,s one                resident to another, congratulations I

I  want to discuss   the physical   well-being   of your command   in
Saudia  Arabia  concerning   dehydration     and depletion of   vital
nutrients.    I returned   from  Cairo  in   September 1990 where   I
tested  on  myself   and   others  my' formulation   which  properly
repletes   the  nutrients   and  water  losses   which  oc'cur  while
sweating during physical exertion'~in a desert setting.

As   a medical reference  for dehy'dration,    o'ne can study several
groups of people in America, including factory and farm workers,
and' athletes who can lose 1 to 2 liters of sweat per hour with
exertion and up to 4 liters per hour in high heat and humidity
with ,heavy   clothing.     Newcom~r5  to,.  the desert  ,with- their
clotbing and heavy packs can lose' up to 4 liters per hour.      This
includes   Middle   Easterners   themselves    who  have  been   city
dwellers most of their lives.

As   you know,  there  are a number   of   serious  symptoms of  beat
exhaustion which may develop as one loses 4       liters or more of
sweat.     The  symptoms    include:   (1)   vertigo/dizziness;   (2)
Lightheadedness;   (3) Fatigue;   and, (4)   Muscle cramps. Most of
the   symptoms  are  obvious    to the  individual,   but  sometimes
lightheadedness    is  not  because   a lightheaded   individual   is
unable to think or act appropriately.

Sweat   contains   not   only   water,  but    importantly,   sugars,
electrolytes,   vitamins,    minerals,     amino acids,   and   other
important   nutrients.     Each   of  these  are  vital  for    proper
cellular function, including brain function.

Drinking water alone will not replace the vital        nutrients  and
will   also   cause    stomach   cramps    because  water  is    less
concentrated than stomach fluids and requires time for the body
to assimilate the water.

Salt tablets   are wrong to use because the excess sodium pulls
sore of the other vital electrolytes out of the body.

                 d inks11   on   the  market,   including ~

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