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                                                               $`LY~    \?�~

                    UNITED STAThS CENmAL COMMAND
                   OPERATION DESERT STORM, APO NY 09852            �Q

CCHC                                                      1 7 ~AR 1991

SUBJECT:   Turn-in of NBC Defense Nedical Items

TO:   145th NEDSOM
      APO N.Y.  09772

1.   The following information is provided as reference for the
storage conditions of Headquarters, U.S. Central Command,
Riyadn, Saudi Arabia, medically related NBC Defense items that
are now being turned-in.

2.   Atropine, Diazepai, and Pyridostigmine tablets that were
issued to personnel, were stored in individual protective mask
carriers.   Some personnel worked outside when the temperature was
in excess of 100 degrees fahrenheit, while other personnel worked
in air conditioned rooms where their mask carriers were stored.
The Atropine, Diazepam, and Pyridostigmine tablets that were not
issued were stored inside the HQ building in the NBC room at room

3.   The Pyridostigmine tablets and Atropine have been in the AOR
since August 1990.

4.   The Diazepam was trucked from Daharan to Riyadh in January

5.   POC at this headquarters is the NBC Defense NCOIC,        SSG Ford,
at 478-9000 ext. 3121.

                                        0,            C
                                    Headquarters Commandant


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