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 SUBJECT:   OPS Summary

 -  Ira~i Naval Order of Battle       (vessels destroyed or darnage~)
    --   I of  I T-43 minesweepers
         1 of  1 ~PB-5? class patrol boats
         5 of 5 TNC-45 patrol boats
    --   6 of 7 OSA patrol boats      (last one in~
    --   3 of  3 Polnochny landing craft

 -       TbAMs fired since the beginning of bostilities

 -  Battles~ips have fired over 1110 161        rounds  in es different
    missions to date.

 -  Significant Events:      NTR.


 TIN~                  EVENT

 2SOSOOC       Cease fire implemented.      Ceased offensive operations,
               establish defensive posture.       Prepared to resu~e
               offensive operations as required.

 2O0620C       82nd ABN DIV assigned mission to collect EPws and
               destroy abandoned Iraqi equipment       in A.0.   Bragg
               (~riangle formed by OBJ's Red,      Orange,   ~old.   Also
               assigned to clear Tallil Airfield.

 281207C       3rd ACR contact.     While recovering downed U~-60,       3rd
               ACR was engaged by a ZSU and T-35 tank.         unit
               responded resulting in 2 X T-55 and 2        X MLRS damaged
               and 150 EPWs.

 2811000       3rd ACR received artillery fire.        24th ID   (M) engaged
               with counter battery fire.

 NBC OP~~TIONS:       ~ist ~Div has     located bun3cer cotnplex near
 ~uwait City   (QT753S~91O)    that may contain chemical agents.
 Initial tests -outside the bunker indicate the presence of          Sulfur
 Mustard   (Blister Agent).     The area has been secured and ~OD will
 enter the complex AM,      1 Mar 91.)

    Declassified by DEPSEODEF Memorandum

    Declassified 22 Mar 95
    Action Officer: G. Habbestad, LtCOL, USMO

 0PS-SUM2 .MEH/Joc~~                   4

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