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                                                  24 February 1991
                                                         C: \CBWEOD

                          INFoR~TION PAPER

 SUBJECT:   Disposition of captured Chemical and Biological
 Munitions (U)

 pURPOSE.        To provide CCJ2 coordination for the CCJ5 policy
 guidance and detailed instructions to component commands on the
 actions/activities to be conducted in the event chemical and/or
 biological munitions are captured within Iraq or Kuwait.
 ISSUE.   (~)  Although procedures are outlined for the destruction
 of CBW munitions extreme caution must be taken before destroying
 BW munitions.


 ~     Although, procedures exist for the destruction of BW
 munitions, only small scale testing has been conducted.  The
 potential for large scale quantities of BW munitions to be found
 in Iraq or Kuwait is possible.

 ~     potential release of BW agents by EOD destruction, of these
 type munitions, is possible.

 RECOMMENDATION. ~    That the message be approved by the CCJ2.
 procedures for the safe destruction of these munitions must be
 adhered to explicitly.   Extreme care should be taken to
 accurately identif  CW and BW munitions.


Declassified by DEPSECDEF Memorandum; Declassified 22 Mar 95; Action Officer John L. Peeke, COL, USAF


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