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[   (b)(2)   ]
Subject: What happens if a PATRIOT hits a SCUD7

l. The following is in reply to you question regarding the result 
of a patriot missile hit on a scud missile with either mustard, 
persistent nerve agent or anthrax warhead:

   a. Arming scud missiles with CW or BW warheads is a very 
sophisticated   procedure.  It involves special fusing and 
detonation techniques which    insure air burst at optimum 
altitudes and dispersal patterns with as little  destruction of 
the agent as possible.  Given the delicate nature of this  
operation, the inherent volatility of CW agent as well as BW agent 
   susceptibility to fire, and the extreme violence associated 
with a patriot    intercept/explosion, we have to assume that 
enough agent would be destroyed    so as not to cause harmful side 

   b. Understanding that not all intercepts result in the complete 
destruction    of the missile, a more in depth assessment of this 
question is probably    warranted.  However, such a study involves 
too many variables to adequately    cover in the short turn around 
required by this tasker.

2. [   (b)(2)   ]




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