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[   (b)(2)   ]
[    b.6.    ]

Subject:  IZ NBC Capabilities

l.[    b.2.    ]

2.  There were no reports of CW/BW problems resulting from the 
Desert Storm attacks because there was no release of chemical or 
biological agent outside the site boundaries of locations that 
were destroyed during DESERT ST0RM.  In two separate and 
exhaustive studies, done by DIA prior to the air campaign, it was
concluded that CW contamination would be contained within the 
immediate area of the destroyed structure.  There was a 
possibility that BW contamination would occur, but it was assessed 
as possible only under a worst case scenario set of conditions.  
These conditions included type of agent, amount of agent present 
time of blast, type of ordnance used, type of structure storing 
the agent, entry point of ordnance, weather conditions, time of 
day, proximity to population centers and others.  This possibility 
was debated at the highest levels of DoD. It was decided that gain 
far outweighed risk, resulting in the facilities being targeted 
and destroyed.  It is possible that biological and chemical agents 
munitions were removed from these targets prior to their being 
[   (b)(6)   ]



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