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This document is a captured Iraqi military record.
It is provided in its original form to include Iraqi
classification markings (i.e. Top Secret, Secret, etc.). 
These classification markings are NOT U.S. Government markings.

Chapter eleven
The military use of biological agents
110. 	Biological warfare agents are remarkably different than toxic chemical agents since 
microscopic organisms multiply by millions. Therefore, a small amount would be 
sufficient to generate a serious disease in the human body. As soon as the contamination 
starts, there is an incubation period that lasts many days or weeks according to the type 
of agent before the symptoms of the disease appear.
111. 	Therefore, the biological weapon is mainly a weapon that is used by the enemy to direct 
the main attack against humans to get quick results with secondary attacks on crops. It is 
noteworthy that the psychological effect of the last attack would be severe when  the 
expected famine is near.
112. 	In view of the fact that microbes can carry the disease and multiply quickly in the host, it 
is easy to spread sufficient amount with one aircraft to inflict casualties and contaminate 
thousands of square miles of territories.
	Small attacks and sabotage operations may be launched by using vehicles or small boats in 
coastal areas. Making such quick attacks before counter activities start requires care.

Technical problems
113. 	There are many technical problems that need to be surmounted before using these agents 
successfully to guarantee their chemical effects. 
	The main problems are:
	a. 	Production
		The main problems are:
		One. 	The risk of contaminating the people who are involved in the production 
		Two. 	The change in the agent�s properties leads to a lack of intensity
		Three.	Biological agents may be contaminated with other secondary agents
	b. 	Storage
		In view of the costs and the difficulty of producing large quantities of these agents

		using a short period, the operation of storage lasts many years before receiving 
sufficient amounts. During this period, the agent must remain live while keeping 
its capability to transmit and cause the disease.
	c. 	Dispersion
		The main problems are:
		One. 	Gathering and charging the weapons
		Two. 	Contamination, rot, and leak after charging
		Three.	The appropriate ways to produce aerosols or a cloud  to guarantee the 
spread. Explosives are also not used at all times because they kill 
some of these agents
114. 	Extreme care should be used when producing and storing biological agents so they would 
not cause the spread of uncontrollable diseases in the countries that produce biological 



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