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Iraqi Chemical Delivery Methods (RII-1787)

27 JAN 91/2350 HOURS/[   (b)(2)   ][   (b)(6)   ]

Subj:  Iraqi Chemical Delivery Methods (RII-1787)

1. 	IRAQI ARTILLERY INVENTORY.  The Iraqis possess several 
artillery systems capable of firing chemical munitions.  By far 
the most numerous system is the 130-mm M46 field gun with over 
1,000 in the Iraqi inventory; this gun and others assigned to 
corps and division artillery units typically are deployed in 18 
gun battalions.  During the Iran-Iraq war, the 155-mm howitzer was 
the preferred system for chemical delivery.  Iraqi 
chemical-capable artillery systems include:

MORTARS                                           LAUNCHERS

M11O HOW 203-mm      M115 HOW 8in        BM-21 MRL-2        82-mm
M109 HOW 155-mm      D-20 HOW 152-mm     BMD-20 (USSR)      120-mm
M1O9A1B HOW 155-mm   H1 976 GUN 152-mm   BM-13
2S3 HOW 152-mm       M46 GUN 130-mm      RM-70 (CZ)
2S1 HOW 122-mm       D-30 HOW 122-mm
GCT 155-mm           M30 HOW 122-mm
                     GHN-45 155-mm
                     G-5 155-mm

2.	Agents deliverable by artillery include mustard, SARIN and 
GB.  GF could be delivered in longer range artillery systems.  
Multiple rocket launchers would be capable of delivering GB and 
mustard, and would be the most effective method of dispensing 
cyanide, if Iraq possesses this agent.  

3. 	Iraqi aircraft could deliver any -type of chemical held in 
their inventory.  The primary air dispensing method would be 
250/500 lb bombs, 90mm unguided rockets (used primarily on 
helicopters), and reportedly, cluster bombs.  These delivery means 
could contain either nerve or mustard agents.  The following 
aircraft are capable of delivering chemical bombs:  

              MiG-23/Flogger F
              Mirage F-1

4.	Iraq is assessed as also having spray tanks which could be 
used by either fixed-wing or rotary platforms.

5.	Iraq is assessed as having a limited number of CW warheads 
for its SCUD-B SSMs.  These could deliver nerve agents and 
mustard.  VX could also be used in SCUD missiles, but it is 
uncertain whether VX is in the Iraqi inventory.

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