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				[DECLASSIFIED 21 DEC 1995]

INFORMATION PAPER                6 FEB 91

1. Purpose. To provlde Informatlon on the status of US Fuel Alr Exploslve (FAE) weapon~.

2. Kev Points.


� FAE Is a twenty year old technology weapon that generates slgnificant overpressure and
Impulse whlch provldes the damage mechanlsm.

� Tends to lack Incendlary and fragmentatlon propertles.

� Used In Vlet Nam for clearlng vegetation and landing zones.

[        EXEMPTION 1.3 (a)(1)                                            		          ]

� USN/USMC alrcraft certlfled to carry.

[              EXEMPTION 1.3 (A)(1)                       ].

EXEMPTION 1.3 (a)(2)

[             EXEMPTION 1.3 (a)(2)                      ].

� Demonstration scheduied for FY91.

� Would take [EXEMPTION 1.3 (a)(2)] To get first item off production line in case of activation.

[                           EXEMPTION 1.3 (a)(1)        ]

[                   EXEMPTION 1.3 (a)(2)                ]

[                        EXEMPTION 1.3 (a)(2)          ]

[EXEMPTION 1.3 (a)(2)] recelved from USN.

� No tactlcal restrlctlons for carrlage and release by fixed wing except target overfllght (free
fall weapon).

[    EXEMPTION 1.3 (a)(2)                             ]

[  EXEMPTION 1.3 (a)(2)          ]

� Air Force Weapons Lab tests limited to weapons effects.

� No weapons development tests ongoing.

Prepared by: [ EXEMPTION (b)(6)   ]
CAT, J3, 35976

TH 61A1-3-2 NAVAIR 00-130~ASR-2                                               CH~
FM101-5020 FMFM~2G                                               UNCLASSIFIED HIG

   Cloud diameter per bomb (h) (approx ) ...... .50           f. (U) RELIABILITY. Reliability data are give
Dispenser.......... .......  ..................SUU49A/B
Centerofgravityfromnosew/Ofuze(in.) .............. 41 5       9. (U) STATUS. Inventory.

 c. (U) WEAPON OPERATION. Employment and operation of thc    1-18- CBU-721B IMPROVED HIGH-SPEED R
CBU-SSA/B IFAE are the same as for the CBU-SS/B LSFAE
weapon,except that it may be delivered at higher airspeeds.     (U) DESCRIPTION Th CB~I 72/B ~AE

the CBU-SSA/B, except that a Mk 339 Mod O mec

 d. ~U) FUZING. See Chapter 10                               wilh the dispenser instead of the EMU-83/B fuze A
                                                             CBU-SSA/B are applicable to the CBU-72/B weap
                                                             (Appendix A).
 e. (U) PRIME ENGINEERING AGENCY. Pacific Missile Test
Center, Point Mugu, California                                b. (U) STATUS. Inventory.

1-50                              UNCLASSIFIED
CHAPrER 1                                                                                      TH 61Al
HIGH-EXPLOSIVE BOMt3S                   U N C LASS I Fl E D          FM 101-!

 d. TERMINAL EFFECTS/BALLISTICS                                               e. IU) PRIME ENGINEERING A~
                                                                             Center Point Mugu, C;lliforni;
  ( I ) (U) The FAE bomb generates signit'icanl overpn:ssures ( ')50 - 3.~0
pounds per square inch) tor rcason;lbly long p~riods .,1 lime (more Ihan '    f. (U) STATUS. Invenlory.
milliseconds). The combined overpressure and impul se provide the dam;lge
mechanisms for mo~l t;u~els Olher �lam;l~inL~ ~tl~ul~ ar: induce(l hy hla~l
winds, thermal pulses, tragmenl!i an(l tlyin~ debri~                         t-17. CBU-55A/BIMPROVEDLOW-SF

   (2) (U) A small explosive bursl charge lo( aled wilhin Ih. tu~           I FAE)WEAF'ON
container disperses the FAE li4uid tuel as an aerosol inlo Ihe almosphere
The charge lhen projecls Ihe cloud delonalion oulw;lr~l inl~ Ih~ lomling     a. (U) DEscRlFrloN. The CBU-SS~
cloud, and, atter an appropri;lle del;ly iniliales a small higll-explosiv~  (IFAE) weapon was developed lo impr
ch;uge The delonalion ol Ih.: cloud-(Jelonalor c~ rge !iut)!ie ue~ y sl~     characlerislics of the CBU-SS/B The ce
iniliatesthesurroundingaerosolcloud Thispr~.essre.;uir,~ ppro~im;n~ly      BLU-73A/B bombs and the SUU49A/E
160 - 230 milliseconds Blasl characlerislics tor Ihe BLU-73/B are given in   CBU-SS as follows: ( I) The BLU-73A/B
Seclion Vl The launch-impacl se-~uence tor Ihe CBU-SS/A i~ shown in          (2) A crucifoml-shaped parachulc is used
Figure 1-24                                                                  al velocities up lo 0.95 Mach or 550 KIA'
                                                                             two dispenser fins may be folded for
             ~r~  -                                                         compa~ible with multiple carriage on MER
loaded wilh tins in either the folded or unfo
            ~'\~Z     --       0~�)                                          erected by gas pressure obtained from fn
          \\\~/~6           ~S ~-                                           ~f~er weapon release (4) The dispenser
             ,k~         ~C~ ~                                              indicator (S) Theclouddelon~lors aclu31
(6) The dispenser is made of e~lruded

           ~U~S~         DiS~ Sf~ O~f~ l~ G                                  b. IU~ CHARACTERISTICS

                                  ,J~                                           Lenglh, assembled (in
                ~                                                               Bodydiameler(in )

               f~               ~               Spi~n (in )

Weighl (Ib)

omb (each) . . ....
  rO~ IXI~CI101~            ~�~ CI             Fue I (each)  . .

                      UNCLASSIFIED                                              Cloud delonalor delay lime (ms)
Figure 1-24. IU) Low-speed F;I~E launch-impact sequence.                        Number Or bombs per dispenser .


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