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File: 092396_aug96_decls2_0001.txt
Page: 0001
Total Pages: 5

Subject: SEQUENCE OF EVENTS 26 FEB 91                                    

Box  ID: BX600005

Document Number:          3

Folder Title: VARIOUS 1ST MAR DIV DOCUMENTS                                                                   

Folder Seq #:         26

Unit: 1 MARDIV    

Parent Organzation: 1 MEF       

        G4-@@/@@6 F-EJ,' (?I

        -  Displaced to vic OS 8@'1299, no enemy contact. ETD C)9C)('), with and ETA
           at present pos of 1500.
        -  0412, Pride requests llth Marines attack enemy position identified by
           2d Marine Division zone. No BDA.
        -  0600, Pride reports III Corps (Iraqi) has been ordered to withdraw
        -  067.1, New Division boundary at arid OT 700147, 700364, 238508.
           0650, Division directs Task Force Ripper to conduct direct liaison with
           eth Marines and 2d LAI Bn/+reqLtencies are in AKAU.
           0654, From Division to Task Force Ripper - continue attack.
           C)7Z77@, Pride directs Task Force XRay to chop to Task Force Taro.
           0830, Coordinated Fire Line (CFL) 5 in effect.
           0915, Division reports Bth Marines west of 70 grid line.
           1150, Frag Order issued, Task Force Tara given mission to move to
           Kuwait Airfield to conduct clearing operations.
           133c), Task Force Commanders and S-3's met with the Commanding General
           to discuss plans +or the attack of the airport.
           1641, F'ride commits to attack and isolate Kuwait International Airport.
           1724, Division reports Kuwaiti resistance in control of Police F'ost.
           2230, Silver directs Task Force Taro to hold at present position in
           BL(rqan Oilfield and continue to move North at first light.
           27@0C), Due to Task Force Papa Bear's quick movement, ADC stopped all
           Task Force F'apa Bear's movement and 3/9 had to withdraw to avoid
           friendly +ire fight with LAI's on East side of airfield.

        -  0215, Possible chemical attack (reported by Ilth Marines) did not go to
        -  0400, Possible chemical attack (reported by another- unit) did not go to
           05c)c., Time of attack C)6C)o delayed to C)630 because of visibility.
    -  0631, New division boundary at grid OT 7oOlA7, 7C)0:7,64 2:7,e5O8.
        -  0721, 3d TkBri reports bLIntker complex at grid D.T 766142.
        -  0722, Seven T-55's dug in at grid OT 762163/no movement noted.
           Requested r-,,Rval gunfire on tar-gets around @..IA.
        -  O@,@-, Missouri -,hooting vic
        -  09k--14, 1/5 engaged entrenched infantry with heli.cL@p@ter- at grid 'u'.T
           @261.8 i .
        -  C)939,  -Id TkBn engaging at grid 0.1 76025/tan@-.. main gun battle/Iraqi
           armor   unit ordered to pull back.
        -  Oc/44,  Documents captured of T-62 frequencies,                call signs, and Comm
           0956,   1/5 @:'ills T-7'z at grid C!I- 7152C)-'.
           C)957,  1/5 destroys ZSU-23/4 at grid OT 726218.
           locio,   3d Tl.:Bn reports eneniv troo       'os in trench     around 25 or 26 grid line
           also trenches from 75 to 79 grid                     between   24 and 25. - At 1025, 1/7
           to Z'6 grid line.       1/5 to FL Diana.
           I(-)2-", 1/7 to 26 grid line.         1/5 to F'l    r.)i. anne.
           !C)46, D@.k,,tv mustard found stored in bunker- in             vicinity O.T 94)15.


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