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Subject: LOGISTICS                                                       

Unit: MCCDC       

Parent Organization: CMC         

Box ID: BX600036

Folder Title: FOLDER MESSAGE FILES VARIOUS SOURCES DT 214                                                     

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      continued at a low 0-5 % rate and no paperwork was received to
      accomplish reconciliation or track requisitions. The maintenance
      effort intensified during this period, however, without repair parts
      selective interchange was required. Several vehicles, hard down, were
      cannibalized. Vehicle preparation for combat and further organization
      of Regimental Log Trains continued. On the 13th of February
      planning for movement to the final assembly area was begun and
      Logistical support for Task Force Troy, the deception force, was
      assumed. Higher headquarter were again notified, on the 14th of
      February, that the Regiment was short tactical lift. The Regiment
      planned to consolidate and drop loads in preparation for the move to
      the next position below the Saudi/Kuwait border.
           The Regiment moved into positions west of the Saudi border by the
      19th. During this period, 8th Marines again consolidated and
      lightened the load to carry more combat Marines. Plans were made to
      carry Marines from 2d Bn 4th Marines and 3d En 23d Marines in the
      Regimental Log Train and CSSD-28 vehicles.
           On the 24th of February, the Regiment moved to the final assembly
      area. Fifty Marines were left in position because of insufficient
      lift. The Regimental S-4A remained behind to ensure these Marines and
      remain behind equipment were taken safely to the Division Support area
      at Kibrit.
           On the 25th of February, the Regimental Log Train crossed the
      berm into Kuwait. The Regimental S-3 requested that the Log
      Train/CSSD-28 follow immediately behind 2d Bn 4th Marines. However,
      they were halted at the start by UMCC in order that combat power could
      pass through first. The PLAR's unit was checked and the Regiment had
      moved far forward that they pushed through based on the last order
 MP checkpoint they were asked to turn
      around, however, when they saw the size of the convoy they were
      allowed to pass. The Log Train/CSSD-28 halted in position, about
      1200, with 2d Bn 4th Marines on the left and 3d Bn 23d Marines behind
      and on the right.
           While in this position, the Log Train took incoming artillery
      rounds three times, the closest round taking a tire off of a CSSD-26
      LVS. Filling   of emergency rapid requests, especially for ammunition
      and fuel, was  begun immediately. Around 1300, Company C 4th Tank
      Bn joined and  used the last of the fuel. The only way of
      communicating  with the Regiment was through the retrans station.
           Movement  orders were received from the Regimental S-3 at 163e
      move forward,  directly north, for seven kilometers. Departing this
      position, 30-40 incoming rounds were received to the rear. CSSD-28
      stayed behind because it was completely out of fuel and was awaiting a
      helo resupply of TOW rounds. First Battalion Eighth Marines was
      completely out of TOW rounds. At 1630 the Regimental Embark Officer
      delivered a truck with 30 TOW rounds to their position. As they moved
      forward, darkness, PIUB the oil fires in Kuwait, made movement almost
      impossible. Following Marines walking with flashlights (red lens) the
      trip took six hours. Moving into position, at about 2200, they
      received instructions to continue moving forward. The new position
      was seven kilometers north, on an azimuth of 22 degrees.     This seven
                                                       OKCLhsllullillEo                I

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