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Subject: LOGISTICS                                                       

Unit: MCCDC       

Parent Organization: CMC         

Box ID: BX600036

Folder Title: FOLDER MESSAGE FILES VARIOUS SOURCES DT 214                                                     

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              It was a logistical challenge to support the Regiment's mission
         and movement during February. By the first of February, movement to
         to the training area south of Kibrit, vicinity TLO63855 was completed.
         Due to the lack of tactical lift, this move was extremely difficult
         and was accomplished with school buses, Saudi Motors civilian heavy
         haul trucks, and numerous shuttles with five-tons. Coming into
         position, the school buses got stuck in the sand and Marines had to
         walk into position. With only 28 operational five-ton trucks, the
         Regiment required significant external lift for Marines and equipment.
         From the Ist through the 6th of February various logistical concerns
         developed. Difficulty obtaining BA/DOA for certain ammunition
         DODICS, was experienced. In addition to shortages of critical DODICs
         across the Regiment, all attachments/detachments did not have their
              During this period, repair parts were not available through rapid
         request or system diskette. Some parts were obtained by walk thru
         back to the SMC at Al Jubayl, Saudi Arabia. The support system, as
         set up in country, provided no parts and no paper work to perform
         reconciliation. Additionally, during this period work was performed
         around the clock to ensure Task Force Bravo (our task organized
         combat engineer company) was operationally ready for the breach
         mission. This unit arrived with M60 tanks that had no tools nor
         equipment and were maintained very poorly. Due to non-availability of
         Desert Camo paint, paint had to be obtained *under the table" from the
         Army to cover all the Regiment's vehicles, including attachments.
         The opportunity was taken, while in the training area, to harden
les and form the Regimental Log Train concept.
              While in this position, it was learned that 30 five-ton trucks
         of the 50 we had requested would be provided. The receipt of these
         trucks would give 58 of the 82 trucks required to move the Regiment.
         These trucks were not received in time for the next move to 6th
         Marines position for a relief in place. One additional problem that
         still haunted the Regiment was the lack of capability to store more
         than .7 gallons of water per man. An infantry regiment, as well as
         rating no heavy lift trucks, rates no water bulls.
              The relief in place, with 6th Marines, commenced on the 7th of
         February. Part of 3d Bn 23d Marines, the motorized battalion, was
         moved into position, then trucks were sent back for additional Marines
         and equipment. This move took four days. The Regimental MT officer
         and S-4 chief remained in the old position until the 10th to receive,
         harden, and distribute the additional 30 five-ton trucks. Continued
         difficulties drawing BA/DOA for critical DODICs and for
         attachments/detachments were experienced. Repair parts    support

                                                    Deciessified/           d@Y
                                                      f3 k
                                                         .4CCOC    IAW
                                                      sstsecoat    memo2emaYS2
                                                    L)ate 960401   Signed@

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