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Unit: VMO-1       

Parent Organization: MAG-29      

Box ID: BX600026

Folder Title: COMMAND CHRONOLOGY MARINE OBSERVATION SQUADRON -1 1990 - 1991                                   

Document Number:         13

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                                                   jtv e4 -1@-$ 31  JoI
                                          SECTION 11

                                      NARRATIVE SUMMARY

                              COMMAND, OPERATIONS, AND TRAINING

              (5) The focus of marine Observation Squadron 1 during the month of
         January was final deployment of squadron assets to Saudi Arabia and
         preparation for and, later, commencement of combat operations against
         Iraqi forces in the Kuwaiti Theatre of Operation (KTO). The primary
         mission of VMO-L was to conduct aerial reconnaissance along the Kuwaiti/
         Saudi Arabian border using on-call air assets, artillery and naval gunfire
         to engage targets of opportunity. Both Night Vision Goggles (NVG's) and
         Forward-looking Infra-Red (FLIR) assets were utilized as missions were
         conducted both day and night commencing on the morning of January 19, 1991.

              (5) Vmo-l deployed to Saudi Arabia with seven (7) OV-10D SLEP and five
         (5) OV-IOA aircraft. Since arriving in country "OV-10A Mission Capable"
         has been 83% and the OV-100 has been 81%. "Full-Mission Capable" was
         severely impacted on the OV-100 SLEP's due to problems with the KY-58's
         (secure voice) that NADEP Cherry Point did not address during the conversion
         and did not fix at MCAS New River.    The squadron did not receive its first
         OV-100 SLEP until August 1990 and has limited maintenance experience and
         technical publications on the SLEP. VMO-I's ability to deploy aboard two
         aircraft carriers," fly off the boat", transit the Mediterranean and begin
         flying combat sorties less than 48 hours after arriving "in-country" are
         truly noteworthy events.

                                      COMBAT OPERATIONS

              (5) The squadron flew 46 combat missions for the month for a total of
combat hours. Most sorties were fragged as FAC(A) missions, however,
         relatively little FAC(A) was done. The OV-10's ability to communicate with
         and coordinate between units and agencies spread out over a relatively large
         geographic area proved to be an invaluable asset to coalition forces.


              (5) During the month of January 1991, VMO-L Combat Intelligence section
         prepared and executed intelligence support for operation Desert
         Shield/Storm. Collateral intelligence information used for analysis was
         gained from VMO-2 S-2, MAG-13 (Fwd) S-2, and 3d MAW SCIF. Operational
         intelligence included briefings to flight crew for combat missions.
         Briefings included analysis and reporting on IADS, MIJI, enemy aircraft,
         ground force positions and dispositions. Information derived from mission
         debriefs were forwarded to MAG-13 (Fwd) S-2 and VMO-2 S-2.

                                 PERSONNEL AND ADMINISTRATION

              (U) General. Manpower readiness issues centered around stabilizing the
         squadron for sustained and surge combat operations.
              (U) The squadron transferred unit diary reporting to MISSO-11 and was
         attached ADCON to MAG-13 (Fwd), 3d MAW, FMFPAC from MAG-26, 2d MAW,
         FMFLANT on 6 January 1991.


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