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File: 120396_oct96_decls12_0001.txt
Page: 0001
Total Pages: 10

Subject: OPERATION ORDER 2 91                                            

Unit: 2ND AA BN   

Parent Organization: 2 MAR DIV   

Box ID: BX600017

Folder Title: COMMAND CHRONOLOGY 2ND ASSAULT AMPHIBIAN BATTALION JAN - FEB 1991                               

Document Number:          3

Folder SEQ  #:         27


                                                                          C--,py _ c-f _ ccp:i.e,
                                                                          2d AsItP,@i:LbEin
                                                                          211800C Feb '31
                                                                          FBD-- 1.

            2(i AA Bn Operatic-n Order 2-91

            Time Zcne.       a r I i e

            Ref: (a) 1:50,000 Map Series, K7620, SaLidi Arabia, Map @3[-ieetF,: 5545
                         I; 554F, II, 111; 544(-, 11,           @547 1, 11, III and Series
                          K7611, l@itwait, Map Sheet 5547 III
                    (b)  I:;7@'50,000 J.Dg Air Saij-:Ji Arabia

            1. Situation.

                a.     EriL-my Dis@p-is@itic@ti

                       (1)   There is @i large cc,ncentr,atic-n -:-f Iraqi Artillery @inl
            Missile tjnits ----ccLtpying a delta shaped area starting with the
            sc,Lttherri mc,st ti.p in the vicinity on the Al Wiri.@t@i Oil Field,
            westsi,le running northwest @tp the inside -:-f sper-nci .:,bsta(@le 1--eit t,-,
            vic.   Grici US 301-1@ and the eastern sidc.@ thrc-tigt) the Al.--Ltrgain Oil

                       (.D)  I'[-ip t.@Llk c,f the Iraqi atec@i/@irm-ir and ini'@iritry Ltnits that
                       the S,@,Athern KtAwait area liav(., mcye-J N@@rt@i @n-J are cli-tiiterF-',J
            t@irC-LtgtlClLtt the Nc-rt@iern delta area an--I further Nc.rt[-, in platoon tc@
            brigade size. They are concentrated in key cr,Ltnter attack areas
            ar-:,Ltnd Al J'aL,er airfield, the UMM GLtdain Oil Fields, the KLtwaj.t
            Internati-Dnal Airpc-rt and Al Ja@tra vici@iity. 'The Iraqis Fiave moved
            -their maneuver elements behind their artillery tc, take i-JvantAqf.- C-1@
            their chemical capabilities.

M   CCLtrses :-f Acti@in

                       I     It is expected that the li@,@iqis; Artillery Will LLSP
            maximum chemical rc,@.tnris -tntil nelitrilized (10% destroyed.          30 minutes
            non-f:iy,irig) .

                       (2)   LJp@:-n .nr immediately pric,r, t,:, c-f fraqi
            Artillery, the mee@i/ariq,jr k.L@,iits can L,L exp,ectei tc-           a
            attack .   Cap-able c-i' Ci:-Lknter attacking        two, @lech I)ivisic-n (4tf, and
            5tl)) and c-ne Ariii-:,r Divi@ii--,ti (3rL]).

                       (3)   They will p-rc-t-ably attack c,ti a flanking m@inLLiver 'i@re,ito AJ
            Jabl--er an-:] LJmpi GI.AC]ain.

                       (4    They will not eyp-lc-it any s@tc@cp@i,, @iri.I will return tc.
            their assembly area.


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