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Subject: OPERATIONS CHRON  23 FEB 91 1 MAR 91                            


Parent Organization: 2 MAR DIV   

Box ID: BX600017

Folder Title: command chronology first brigade 2nd armored division 10 aug 1990 - 1 mar 1991                  

Document Number:          4

Folder SEQ  #:         48


                                        O@-C@cZ,)Tv.0@IS Cl-'RONOLLI(3Y         23 FES 91           I flAP, cFi

         23 0600           24 0400 Feb 91:

                   Tiger BDE conducts final preparations -for offensive operat                                   ions -to
         -.nclLtda.; rehearsals, pre-combat inspections, religious services, ho4 meal and
               - All units recon --oLttL-@ to breach assembly areas.
               - 142nd Signal positions Large E@:tc-nsi(:3n Node (LEN) vic. OS 4891 Lo pro@
         MSE coverage durinc
                                         breaching operations,
                   1--3 FA (:)a(--upies initial firing positions o-ic. OS 4497.                               Fires miSS3'.OnS
         support of 2 LAI a          nci breaching operations. SSR to 2 MARD@@V.

             0,1100 Feb     91-

               -- T,.t ger  EtbE  @,=-r.Litnes MOPP Level        2 po-@tLt,-e.

         ,-4 OFI-@O Feb     91:

                   2 IIAF.,'I)IV at@lecis      north into Kuwait.

                   2 RIARDIV     Pla;i, 2      MARDIV c:on(4,Ltcts IMEF MAIN ATTACK                 to p6ne      tratl-    Iraqi
                           positions between UMM BLIdair and Al ManqLtish.                            Position the r)ivisi
         @(-3              and destroy Iriqi operational reserves to the                             north/noi-thwest.
          -.F OIRJ   TA ,-ic.    UT 6.149                       to establish control'o-f LOC'S.                     Seize the
                     ly s4 gnt                 terrain to the northwest of Al Jahrl. Establish
         blc)c-l"irig positions to -@.@ie northwest.                  Be prepared to lini,,-Lip with 7oin-L Fort
         @-@3intiAnti -@Nfai-th and assist in their -forward passage to Kuwait.

                   cfp.'@@etises -from t-IT 6200 to OS 6596..              BP prepared to blocl, enemy ;.Rvenues
         Approach from Al Iabar

                   B@.ii MLA;-ines             ('?.eiii),. On order, Division SUFIPOPTINC3 ATTACK, pass
         Llsrouq@i breach and attack to the northeast -to establish bloc:ling positions.
         C/P to                                and -@eize Division OBJ 1.

               - 10th                          (RL-in). Provide pump T-ires. On order pass through                               the
         2.3r@;-fn and give priority of fire support -to 6th Mariies conducting breach.

               - Tiger BDE Mission. Tiger Br)E passes through established breach sites,
         c.-t3ridLt(-i,.s c,                   a-Ltac" to seize Objectivp-s LITAH (QT 5523) and OHILI (5
         -Lo deF--tr-oy Iraqi corct-r..            On order-, exploit the success @r the Division at-Li
         Direct II/P to continue the                       north to destroy Irlqi Operit:@'@on.%l Reserves.

                   CDR-s                 My intent is to have a continuous flow of combat. power
                            brtaci-,, moving '@n Ft fle>tible formation -Lha@,                              enable the Bat-
         @2Li;n -to rapidly engage and ciLr."-roy all Iraqi forces encountered.                                      I want a
                   .@jec@lge -Formation that ma>timizes speed until we hkve passed through 6th
                           Once we have passed -through 6tti Marin@-, we have to gain momentum
                           as rapidly is possible, lil@lisig all mobile -Forces in zone.                                      I do
                                                                                                          Lig n infantry
         intend to get bogged down attempting to clear out @l the ci -i
         @:c);-,cczs,          armor mobile -r(:)rce@ and continue to press the attacks.                                We must
pared 'co       conduct a BDE independent breach in -the event that 6th Marines

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