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Subject: SIGNIFICANT EVENTS 29 30 JAN 1991                               


Parent Organization: VARIOUS MC  

Box ID: BX600054

Folder Title: 1ST MARDIV SIGNIFICANT EVENTS 29-30 JANUARY 1991                                                

Document Number:          1

Folder SEQ  #:         16


                            Z,IGNIFICANT EVENT                      i A N U A !R Y 1. 9-) I.        @'I

     2100        ME@' Phoned. Concerti ot heavy vehicle movement (howirzexe, irn)or,
                 MEF PLAN
                 1. Concentrate Air Observation on area @R15V, @,V-10).
                 2. Attack with Air, Cobras to Mishab 15 min Strip Alert.
                 3. Warning urder, Anti--Mech lfoi,ce (TARO).

     2107        OP-1 Receiving incoming fire, type unknown.

     ,)114       G-3 Passed to Taro-6, Warning Order to have CAT Teams ready to move
                 North of Khafgi on MSR.

     @,L)a       CG passes to put TARO back to normal.

     @123        (,)PSU passed Stand-Down Order to TARO.

                 ASE-1@ Reports A-6 on station to check situation.

     '@'!2'/     urders Meeting.

     @.140       S,i@PHERI) Reports Tanks moving South vicinity OP-4. //FLASH//TANKS
                 OP-4. Passed to MEF. (Shepherd being jammed) switch to MEF CMI) 1.

     @i.4,i      LAI engaging Tanks at this time. MEF notified. DIV at DODGER. At
                 least 3 Tanks and soft skin vehicles.

                 SHEPHERD told to fight the delay.

     2156        OPSO talked to MEF. Request Air against Tanks near OP-4.

     @@158       Jamming on DIV INTEL Net.

     2159        MEF reports all Air up being diverted to SHEPHERD,

     2'-102      RECON can not contact teams at OP's TARO CAT Teams put on alert.

     2208        HECON Tm OP's 5 & 3 pulling back to link up with SHEPHERD.

     @@.10       50 Tanks vicinity of OP-4 heading South West. Lost contact.
     Working     A-10's (killed 4 more).

     ,2i2        TARO reports 2 companies of Tanks 2 KM of Border on MSR.

     2214        OP-3 Displacing to link-up with SHEPHERD.

     2220        1/25 reports 5/11 moved this morning.

     2232        SHEPHERD reports tanks moving North. G-3 tells them to pursue by
          fire. Do not cross border. A-6's dumped on them. Using burning
                 vehicles for marks.

     2237        41 Armored vehicles vicinity TM 303623. Reported by 2d MARDIV.

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