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Parent Organization = VARIOUS MC  

Unit = HQMC        

Folder Title = HQMC - SWA LOGISTICS  SEC 1 OF 3                                                                

Document Number =         12

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                                                    E CORPS
                                                    MENT COMMAND
                                          CO. VIRGINIA 22134-5001       'N REPLY REFER TO@
                                                                     27 Feb 91

            From:        nd           1, Marine Corps Combat Development
            To:     Commandant of the Marine Corps (L)


            Ref:    (a) COMMARCORLOGBASES ALBANY, GA 08210OZ Feb 91 (S)
                    (b) COMKARCORLOGBASES ALBANY, GA 26153OZ Jan 91 (S)
            Encl:   (1) CMC LRCC 092006Z Feb 91 4ler

            1. Reference (a) is a proposal to establish a mask testing
            facility in Southwest Asia based upon the mask test failure
            statistics found in reference (b). The enclosure is a joint
            CMC/MCRDAC message that outlines measures taken to reduce
            potential mask serviceability problems.

            2. We do not concur with the COMKARCORLOGBASE requirement to
            establish a mask test facility in SWA. We concur with the CG
            MCRDAC position that the capability to isolate and replace
            suspect masks is already present in SWA.

            3. The large scale deployment of Marines to Southwest Asia
            showed us that permanent NBC Ecluipment Test and Evaluation
            facilities at Camp Lejeune, Camp Pendleton, and Camp Butler are
            desirable. Every Marine that deployed, deployed with a gas mask
            that was thoroughly tested; no other service took these
            extraordinary steps. The national press controversy over NBC
            personal protection capabilities, prompted the U.S. Army to begin
            testing each soldier's mask only after soldiers were deployed to
            a chemical warfare threat environment.

            4. Reference (a) points out that the Mask Fit Validation Device
            (MFVD) is not capable of distinguishing between improper fit,
            poor preventive maintenance, or defective components. The MFVD
            tells field commanders that masks fit and don't leak. Twenty
            (20) MFVDs were sent to SWA to provide COMUSMARCENT a capability
            in theater to help identify "wear and tear" damage, and/or
            improper preventive maintenance procedures; if after cleaning, a
            mask falls a MFVD leak test, it is seemed suspect, replaced, and
            returned to MCLB Albany.

            5. MCCDC POC is                     WFIIB,
                                          5 U.S.C. 5521b)&)

                              Reviewed by DON GWDP on 16-May-1997

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