Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illlnesses
Final Report


Executive Director
Robyn Y. Nishimi, Ph.D.

Deputy Director/Counsel
Holly L. Gwin, Esq.

Director of Public Affairs
Gary Caruso

Research Staff
Joseph S. Cassells, M.D., M.P.H. - Senior Advisor for Medical and Clinical Affairs
Kathi E. Hanna, M.S., Ph.D. - Senior Advisor for Policy and Reproductive Health
Kelley A. Brix, M.D., M.P.H. - Senior Policy Analyst
Mark A. Brown, Ph.D. - Senior Policy Analyst
Miles W. Ewing - Special Assistant and Coordinator, Public Affairs1
Lois M. Joellenbeck, Dr.P.H. - Senior Policy Analyst
Michael E. Kowalok, M.A. - Policy Analyst and Coordinator, Subcommittee Affairs
John D. Longbrake - Research Analyst and Coordinator, Public Affairs
Thomas C. McDaniels, Jr. - Policy Analyst
Joan P. Porter, M.P.H., D.P.A - Senior Policy Analyst
Nicole M. Stern - Research Analyst
James C. Turner, Esq. - Senior Policy Analyst

Administrative Staff
Carol A. Bock, Executive Assistant
Barbara A. Bradley - Conference and Travel Services/Technical Editor
Michael R. Brown - Administrative Services
Philip B. Jackson - Telecommunications and Computing Services2
Barbara V. Ketchum - Administrative Secretary
Vincent E. McCall, Jr. - Telecommunications and Computing Services
Debra J. McCurry - Information and Reference Services
M. Cecile Parker - Administrative Officer
Linda S. Rayford - Desktop Publishing/Word Processing Specialist
Tracy C. Smith - Administrative Secretary

Other Contributors
Mary Lou Higgs
Susan J. Hoffmeyer
Timothy E. Phillips, Esq.
Jonathan B. Tucker, Ph.D.


1 Through August 1996
2 Through April 1996

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