Vapor, Liquid and Solid Tracking
Model/Simulation        Submitted: 12/15/1996
Title: Vapor, Liquid and Solid Tracking


Version: 2.0       Sponsor: SPAWARSYSCOM

Narrative: VLSTRACK simulates the release and downwind hazard from a chemical or biological warfare (CBW) attack. VLSTRACK is available all of DoD in a variety of stand alone configurations on PCs and workstations. It is a validated, comprehensive CBD hazard assessment model with interactive input capabilities. CINCs, Naval operational forces, R&D laboratories, and contractors require CBD hard assessment models for various applications to support threat assessment doctrine, development prediction studies, and requirements generation. Complex flow technology and multi-component droplet and surface evaporation capabilities are new developments currently being researched for future versions of VLSTRACK. Further, new versions include calculations designed to analyze chemical agent releases possibly related to Gulf War Illness. The next majot release, VLSTRACK 3.0, has been completed and is undergoing GUI development, validation, and documentation.

Distribution: A: Unlimited distribution

Model Type: Constructive

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Additional Information
Purpose: To support threat assessments, development prediction studies, and requirements generation.

Mission Area: Readiness Support and Infrastructure

Level of Detail: Engagement Engineering

Management Domain: Acquisition Assessment Doctrine Logistics Support to Ops TE Training

Physical Domain: Air Environmental Information

Force Composition: Combined Component Element

Y2K Compliant: No

Hardware and Software: PCs or workstations.

Comments: Validated against field trials and documented in accordance with MIL-STD-2167A.

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