Subject: COMMAND CHRONOLOGY FOR 1 JAN TO 28 FEB 91  15 MAR 91            

Unit: 1ST CE BN   

Parent Organization: 1ST MARDIV  

Box ID: BX600020

Folder Title: COMMAND CHRONOLOGY 1ST COMBAT ENGINEER BATTALION JAN -JUN 1991                                  

Document Number:         15

Folder SEQ  #:          1


           26 Feb 1991   G+2

                         0100  - DetCEB send S2, S-3A and Lt
                                 coax Iraqis in APC into surrendering. Take I
                                 wounded EPW and 3 dead Iraqis.
                         0230  - Flash! Gas! TF Ripper goes to MOPP 4.
                         0241  - All clear
                         0600  - TF Papa Bear crosses LD. 2d plt, A Co joins
                                 lst Battalion, lst Marines (1/1) enroute.
                         0630  - TF Ripper crosses LD. CEB on the move.
                         0722  - Ist CEB crosses LD
                         1150  - Flash! Gas! TF Ripper goes to MOPP 4.
                         1235  - let CEB begins selective unmasking.
                         1240  - All clear
                         1248  - lst CEB on the move
                         1300  - Flash! Gas! TF Papa Bear goes to MOPP 4.
                         1400  - All clear
                         1510  - Flash! Gas! TF Ripper goes to MOPP 4.
                         1520  - All clear
                         1655  - SBT marks lane through hasty minefield
                         2000  - DetCEB establishes defensive perimeter south
                                 of Kuwait International Airport
                         2230  - DetCEB receives incoming mortar and automatic
                                 weapons fire from enemy of unknown strength
                               - after delays in movement, Ist CEB sets up
                                 assembly area vic "orchard' (bunker complex,
                                 ASP) for the night

          27 Feb 1991    G+3

                         0600  - DetCEB moves south to TF Papa Bear logistics
                                 operations center
                         0730  - TF Ripper drops to MOPP 1. Issues frag order
                                 for movement to new position and future ops.
                0930  - Flash! Gas! TF Ripper goes to MOPP 4.
                         0945  - All clear
                         1345  - Movement to new pos alongside TF Ripper HO
                         1430  - Commence digging survivability positions for
                                 TF Ripper HQ and CEB. Continue marking
                                 bunkers in TF Ripper's AOR.

          28 Feb 1991    G+4

                         lst CEB returned to general support of Ist MarDiv

                         Tasked with clearing and marking dangerous or
                         harmful weapons, ordnance, duds or bunkers

                         DetCEB conducts memorial service for LCpl Waldron

                         A Co, 7th ESB detaches from DetCEB to return to 7th

                         DetCEB, TF Papa Bear; A Co, 3d CEB and C Co, lst CEB
                         returned to battalion position in order to

                         lst MarDiv goes to MOPP level 0


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