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Subject: HYDROGEN SULFIDE                                                

Box  ID: BX000047

Document Number:          5

Folder Title: MISC NBC INFO                                                                                   

Folder Seq #:         16


Parent Organzation: ARCENT      

                                                    -DOD DI@
                     f.       Prior to areas of known H29
            concentrations personnel should clon their protective mask. Field
            protective mas@ will provide some protection from H2S, but will
            become saturated and the filter elements will need to be replaced
            once the smell of rotten eggs becomes apparent in the mask.
                     g.@      The most effective means of eliminating H2S is
            by burning- H2s is a dangerous fire hazard when exposed to heat,
            flames or oxidizers. When it is not practical to burn off the
            gas, using water to spray the area will reduce the concentration
            of H2S but will cause the production of sulfuric acid. By using
            an alkali solution in the spray, the production of sulfuric acid
            can be reduced.

                     h.       Iraqi troops are assessed to have the ability
            to protect themselves against H2S. Soviet/Warsaw Fact protective
            masks in the Iraqi inventory provide protection against H2S.

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                                           DECLASSIFY  ON: OADR

                                                     CPT MILLER , 9-7650-124



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