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Defining Illnesses

Barkhuizen, Andre et al. Musculoskeletal Syndromes of Deployed Persian Gulf War Veterans. Portland Environmental Hazards Research Center. This study covers the unexplained musculoskeletal conditions found amongst deployed Persian Gulf War veterans.

Haley, R.W. et al. Gulf War-Associated Neurological Syndrome in a Decorated Special Forces Officer Compared With His Monozygotic Twin. University of TX Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX. Study conducted on a Gulf War veteran that developed a debilitating neurological condition shortly after the Persian Gulf War in comparison with his non-military twin brother.

Hallman, William et al. Defining Gulf War Illness: Self-Reported Health Status Among VA Registry Veterans. New Jersey Center for Environmental Health Research. In an attempt to define Gulf War Illness, a study of Persian Gulf War veterans registered with the VA Registry was done to examine the level and type of symptoms and medical history and compare them to established definitions.

Hymes, Anite, P.A. et al. The Chest X-Ray As Part of The Gulf War Registry Examination Lacks Utility. McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center. This article discusses the significance of the chest x-ray as part of the evaluation of the Gulf War veterans in their registry exams.

Ismail, K. et al. Defining Ill-health in Three British Military Cohorts. Gulf War Illnesses Research Unit, Kings College School of Medicine and Dentistry, London, England. Summarizes a study that will compare the distribution of illness among Gulf veterans, Bosnian veterans, and veterans who had not been deployed to the Gulf in an attempt to define an illness.

Knoke, James D. PhD et al. Factor Analysis of Self-Reported Symptoms. Does it Identify a Gulf War Syndrome? Naval Health Research Center. This study characterizes Gulf War syndrome using Active-duty deployed and non-deployed Seabees and compares their symptom and illness clusters.

Marshall, F. MD et al. Gulf War Diseases: A Critical Review of 400 Examinations, VA Healthcare System. Discusses an analysis done of 400+ Gulf War veterans that seemed to relate proximity to the battlefront to medical and psychological findings. This analysis was done in an attempt to define Gulf War illness.

McCauley, Linda A. et al Persistence and Unexplained Nature of Health Symptoms Among Persian Gulf War Veterans. Portland Environmental Health Research Center. A study was conducted using 1448 Persian Gulf veterans from Oregon or Washington and examines the differences in self-reported symptoms and confirmed clinical evaluation of symptoms.

Pollet, C. et al. Medical Evaluation of Persian Gulf Veterans With Fatigue and/or Chemical Sensitivity, East Orange DVA Medical Center. Summarizes a study used to determine if Gulf War veterans that complained of fatigue and/or chemical sensitivity meet the definition of chronic fatigue syndrome and/or a diagnosis of multiple chemical sensitivity.

Roy, Michael. J. MD, MPH et al. Ill-Defined Conditions in Gulf War Veterans: Findings From The Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation Program. Dept of Medicine, Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Study done to: 1) Analyze the type and frequency of signs, symptoms and ill-defined medical conditions identified by physicians evaluation of veterans. 2) Determine the influence of the extent on evaluation of the type and frequency of SSID diagnoses and 3) To search for evidence of a new illness or illness related to wartime exposures in veterans with ill-defined conditions.

Schmitt, James K. MD et al. Longterm Care of Veterans Entering The Persian Gulf Registry, Richmond VA Medical Center. Acknowledges the use of the Persian Gulf Registry as a mechanism for the diagnosis and treatment of previously undisclosed medical problems.

Spencer, Peter S. et al. Perceived Exposure to Chemical Weapons and Unexplained Illness Among Military and Civilian Subjects. Portland Environmental Health Research Center. Discusses the opportunity to research perceived or actual exposures to chemical weapons in relation to unexplained health symptoms through research-based health monitoring of populations at risk.

Wynn, Michael L. et al. Persian Gulf War Unexplained Illness: Case Definition, Portland Environmental Health Research Center. Using symptomatic and asymptomatic Persian Gulf subjects from Oregon and Washington, members of PEHRC developed a case definition of Persian Gulf unexplained illness.

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