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Subject:  SCOPE Newsletter, 193 Special Operations Group, Pennsylvania Air National Guard, February 1991
193 Special Operations Group, Pennsylvania Air National Guard

VOL. 19 NO. 2                           FEBRUARY 1991                                HARRISBURG IAP, PA


Col. Santerini received the following message from MGen Thomas Eggers, Commander
of our new MAJCOM, AFSOC, quoted in part:
"Your Desert Shield participation to dale has demonstrated an exemplary level of wartime readiness. My sincere appreciation to every member of your command and their families. Dedication and devotion to country demonstrated by the 193d SOD is a superb example to all I commend you and your people. You typify the Air Commandos-Quiet Professionals of AFSOC."


Operation Desert Shield marks the first involuntary call-up of National Guard and Reserve
members since the introduction of the 1973 Total Force Policy. On Aug-23, 1990, Presi
dent George Bush authorized up to 200,000 men and women to be called to active duty
in support of the Persian Gulf operation.  The personnel ceiling granted by DoD for this
call-up was 48,800.

Less than three months later, on Nov. 14, Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney, called for 
up to 72,500 additional Selected Reserve members to serve 90-day tours.  DoD officials
said the November call-up also extended the first group of reservists for another 90 days
active duty.  This followed a presenditial executive order authorizing the extension.     

Under provisions of Title 10 of the U.S. Code, reservists can serve on active duty for 
up to 90 days, with the president authorized to extend them for another 90 day period.
After that, Congress and the president have to declare a further state of emergency or
release the reservists from active duty. However, Congress recently gave the president
authority to call up Reserve combat units for 180 days, with a 180 day extension possible.
As of Nov. 30 DoD had not called any Reserve units to active duty under this l80 day

DoD can activate no more than 200,000 Selected Reserve members at any one time under
a presidential order. The Selected Reserve consists of about 1.16 million National Guards-
men and reservists in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam and U.S. Virgin Islands.


One of the safest flying years in its service history ended with new records being set for
the fewest Class A mishaps and the lowest fatality rate since 1921, the Air Force said
recently. During fiscal 1990, the Air Force had 51 Class A accidents, resulting in 43
fatalities. Class A mishaps are accidents or incidents in which a fatality or a permanent
total disability occurs, an aircraft is destroyed or damages of $1 million or more result.
Almost 3.5 million flying hours were logged during the period Oct. 1, 1989 to Sept. SD,
1990. This equates to an annual mishap rate of 1.49 for every 100, DoD flying hours.

The 193rd SOD has flown a total of 129,366.8 hours or 34 years and 4 months since
the last accident on Aug. 29, 1956. In fiscal year 199D the 193rd flew 1140 sorties for
a total of 3749.9 hours. Our outstanding safety record can be credited to the profes-
sionalism and dedication of both ground and air crews.

The following letter was received recently:
On behalf of this year's POW-MIA Ceremony committee, we extend our sincere
appreciation and gratitude to you and your Special Operations Group, for their
participation in this year's program on September 21,1990. Posting of colors was
conducted in an exemplary manner and enhanced the program for the former POW's,
families of the MIA's, and other distinguished guests.

                                          Sincerely yours.
                                          LEONARD WASHINGTON. JR.
                                          Medical Center Director
                                          Dept. of Veterans Affairs

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