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JAN 16

- Today was slated as a Safety Day and the flying was limited to
- FCF's which we flew two. The day was effective to get people on
  the proper sleeping cycles, especially the pilots who were busy
  with last minute briefs and crew rest.  It was also indicative of
 the calm before the storm.

- At 1000 hrs we received the order to dial in the war clicks on
  the engines.

- The outdoor payphones have been locked up.

JAN 17: DAY 1

- At 0300 hrs the message from General Schwarzkopf came down
  announcing the onset of Desert Storm and giving us a shot in the

- All lines of communication have been severed or restricted to
  emergency, official use only when cleared by myself.
  COMSEC/OPSEC will be at a premium.

- At 0400 hrs the first media reports came from Baghdad of the
  massive air strikes against Iraq by the allied forces.

- We were fragged for a 16 X 32 carrying Mk 84's. Only one air
  aborted on the second go (line 46) for cabin pressure and engine
  overheat (all ECS related problems).

- We had 16 X 31 effective combat sorties with all planes coming
  back. No battle damage assessed and only one punched his tanks.

- There was plenty of turn time the first day and with the amount
  of adrenaline flowing things went perfectly and smoothly. Troops
  were excited but worked smartly. Supervision was involved ac-
  tively.  Guess the five months of rehearsing led to an encore
  performance on opening night. It's not like Saddam didn't know
  we were coming.

-  See map of Hot pitting area and where everything else was
   slated. This was all subject to the lay out of the base but we
   were prepared to do hot pitting of Code 1's, hot brakes, and
   ABDR in the pre-assigned areas to aid the flow of launch and

- Never underestimate the enemy. Things look too good at this
  point. With the rate we are destroying targets, it looks like
 the war will last three days. I had to fight the urge to become
 too elated, too early.							-

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