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Briefing For SAC: To sit Alpha 
The Climate: 	Very hot, variably humid
		 Temp 105-120 not uncommon. 
		Sandstorms common.

		 Needs:	Approximately 10 liters of bottled water per person per day
			Force fluids - hourly 			30/30 work/rest cycle possibly 30/60 for prolonged 				outdoor heat exposure
			Dark glasses/ goggles for glare and sandstorms 
			Sunscreens applied frequently and liberally 

The Water: 	Don't drink it (or eat the food) 
		Don't eat foods washed with it 
		Stress hygiene and use disposable cups/utensils when possible
		 Consume MRE's and bottled water or fluids (juices) 

		A. Problem: Traveler's diarrhea
			 --- Doxycycline 1 capsule daily at beginning of crew 							rest period.
			--- Peptobismol for protracted symptoms (instruction on bottle)

		B. Problem: Hepatitis A
			 --- Gammaglobulin shot 

The Culture:
			 --- Don't touch or "regard" the women 
			--- Don't drink alcohol

The Insects: Mosquitoes Ticks, lice, Sandflies. .
			 --- Transmit various diseases including malaria 
			--- Malaria mosquitoes breed in water near human habitation, rest in 						house/shelters near ceiling and feed after sunset.  You are 						the food!


			--- Good basic hygiene
			--- liberal use of topical insect repellent
			--- Use knock down insect sprays in rooms and aircraft for mosquitoes
			--- Nets?
			--- Inspect and clean quarters to remove lice and ticks. 
			---Double sheets/pillow cases changed daily. 

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