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FROM: 31st Medical Group/SG
 SUBJECT: Medical After Action Report for Operation Desert
Shield/Desert Storm

 1. REFERENCE: AFR 28-4, USAF Mobility Training
 AFR 160-25, Medical Readiness, Planning,
 AFM 67-1, Vol 5, Air Force Medical Material
 Management System
 AFP 169-12, USAF Wartime Medical Support
 AFP 169-13, AF Blood Program
 AFP 169-18, Medical Nuclear, Biological and .
 Chemical Defense 
 TACR 400-10, Medical Mobility Support
 TAC Merit CON Plan
 ATH Table of Allowances

 2. CONCEPT: Deploy 31st Tactical Hospital (50-bed ATH) to
 King Fahd International Airport (KFIA), Saudi Arabia, to
 provide medical support to the 354th TFW, 23rd TFW, SOCCENT,
 and assigned tenant units during Operation Desert
 Shield/Desert Storm from 10 Sep 1990 to _ Mar 1991.
 A. Deployment: 10 Sep 1990.
 (1) The 31st Tactical Hospital was alerted for
 possible deployment in early August 1990. The notification
 included revised UTC's, and immediate action was taken to
 staff the UTC's and identify shortfalls to HQ TAC. The
 revised UTC's resulted in the mobilization of a number of
 personnel previously on mobility. In turn, this caused
 considerable last minute training, immunizations, wills, 
 powers of attorney, and equipping.
 (2) Medical Logistics and the marshalling team began
 final preparation of the supply and equipment pallets.
 Location and deployment date changed frequently causing
 concern over the actual marshalling time that would be
 available. After coordination with HQ TAC/SGX, the equipment
 and supplies were pre-marshaled. The prolonged exposure


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