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          specialty code, most PIM have forgotten (if they knew it at all) the
          Air Force Specialty Code system. The RIPs should be generated
          annually or biannually and upon a possible conflict. PIM personnel
          should be told to notify HQ ARPC upon any changes in their specialty
          status and likewise we the Air Force should maintain continual
          contact to insure the correct information is reflected in the
          Automated Personnel Data System.

          3. OBSERVATION: Utilization of enlisted PIM in their prior
          military enlisted specialty rather in their civilian trained

          DISCUSSION: Several of the enlisted PIM were recalled to
          active duty in their prior active specialty (i.e. 902XO, etc.).
          Some of these reservists had obtained their training and licenses as
          registered nurses and were naturally working in the civilian
          community in their given career field. Upon their call up they were
          required to perform duties under their prior enlisted specialty
          rather than their current critical skill. They were also subject to
          being paid a salary substantially lower, because they mobilized as
          a enlisted member rather than a commissioned officer. ~

          RECOMMENDATION: Procedures should be established for the PIM
          personnel to apply for a commission in the reserves if they meet all
          other requirements for such a commission. PIM members qualified for
          commissioning should be identified and offered a commission so that
          they can be mobilized in their most critical or qualified skill.

          4. OBSERVATION: PIM members retired based on High Year of Tenure
          (HYT) were recalled.

          DISCUSSION: Individuals who had retired because they had
          reached their HYT were recalled to active duty and at the same time
          active duty personnel in the same skill were being retired due to
          HYT although their skill was under Stop-Loss. A number of
          individuals were recalled to active duty after retiring due to HYT
          factors. One individual had not been retired a full month before he
          received his recall notice.

          RECOMMENDATION: When implementing Stop-Loss, include HYT
          individuals (except 0-6s and E-9s based on-30 years). Do not
          implement the use of retired individuals until members of the
          Individual Ready Reserve have been exhausted.

          5. OBSERVATION: An active PAS Code was used to assign PIM
          personnel while processing through Lackland AFB instead of one of
          the established PIM PAS Codes.

          DISCUSSION: By using an already established active PAS Code it
          is difficult for the CBPO as well as Accounting and Finance to
          discern who, in the active PAS, are PIM personnel. In the case of
          PIM processing for Desert Storm, it was determined the records (both
          personnel and finance) need not be sent to Lackland as they (PIM)
          would only be there 5 days. Finance could not stop flowing finance
          records to individuals accessed to the PAS used because there were
          PIM personnel and active personnel assigned to it. This caused
          delays in PIM personnel receiving there first pay check.

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