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Subject: SUPCOM EVENING BRIEF 16APR91                                    

Unit: VII CORPS   

Parent  Organization: ARCENT      

Box ID: BX000251

Folder Seq #:          1

Document Number:         17

              VII CORPS LNO TO 2'.D SUPCOM NOTES #28, 17 APR 91

              SUPCOM Evening Brief, 16 APR gi

                      1. Operation PROVIDE COMFORT.          US FORSCO" commitment to
              refugee relief in Turkey will total 8200 personnel-.

                      2. Parcel X-Ray Scanning.         LTG Pagonis commented that he
              "lost the battle with CENTCOM" regarding a request to perform a
              physical search of outbound parcels in lieu of X-ray scanning.
              The requirement for outbound parcels remains a physical search
              AND ari X-ray scan.

                          NTVs for Corps ARTY to Support Port Operations.                 LTG
              Pagonis stated that Corps ARTY would receive 2S new NTVS.

                      e..  Turn-In of Latrines/Washbasins/Showers.               SUPCOM to
              establish turn-in procedures of same as part of DRA clearance.

                      S. 'Suspected Food Poisoning.          SUPCOM SURG still looking
              into sourcii,:    Orginal belief was that cause was undercooke-4
              chicken. Likely suspect may now be that in order to accomodate
              the large feeding requirement, unit caterers may be preparing
              mermited/Coleman cooler containers too far in advance, causing
              contents     to    cool    below     levels     safe    for      consumption.
              Investigation continues.

                      6.  Parcel Mail Backlog.          Backlogged parcel pallets by
              locat4-on and quantity are as follows:            Dhahran-470, Riyahd-40,
              KKMC-496. X-ray scanner in Dhahran is broke; KKMC machine has
            "been installed and USAF operators are to be on site today.                    3d
              PERS Sn CDR coordinating to use 2 X-ray scanners located at the
              KKMC civilian air terminal. Of 496 parcel pallets at KKMC, iGS
uffle bags being shipped as parcels, attributed
              to VII Corps. LTG Pagonis asked that the possibility of shipping
              duffles as air freight be looked into: if possible, advantage is
              that only a phys4-cal search of same will be required.

                      7. Found Contraband in Scanned Mail.          Discover;-es will
              passed to the responsible chain of command for action.

                      S.  New SUPCOM(Pain) Chief of' Staff.             COL 1-grahm. an
              Engineer and a Reservist, has volunteered to remain i- Lheatei- to
              assume the oosit4-on.

                      9. FO:< V@:..4.rle for          32!st "MC has a TOX @tSC recon
              ve!:@-cle rea@'y for issue to 1-@D to take to CONUZ as an ORF;
              already has a 6-vehicle platoon. Wi'l pass to 'x:D L@iLl.

                      10                                             Saudis asi-.4-ng that
                          Closure of Eau-ii Border Ber-s.
                                  terms 'le reoa4-,-ed once 'JS -Illit= ;,.ave r"e-zkred
              Iraq. SURCOM asl,.4-ng for VI! Corps assistance.

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