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Box  ID: BX001603

Document Number:         33

Folder Title: DUTY LOG  G2 REAR  2 FEB-1 MAR 91                                                               

Folder Seq #:        377

Unit: 101ST ID    

Parent Organzation: XVIII CORPS 

                                                                           13 FEB 91

                                                 FACT SHEET

                    SUBJECTs Administer Convulsant Antidote fat, Nerve Agent (CANA)
                    using the Autoinjector

                    1.   purposes To provide guidance an the proper procedures for
                    administering CANA for buddy-aid.

                    E.   FACTS.

                         a. The Convulsant Antidote for Nerve Agent (CANA)
                    autainjector is issued when there is a threat of nerve agent
                    exposure stored along with MARK I autoinj*L-tors inside protective
                    *ask carrier.

                         b.  When you come to a casualty to whom you have administered
                    three set% of MARK I injections, or who has throw expanded MARK I
                    autainjectors hooked to the packet of his/her overgarment or is
                    convulsing, you should immediately administer the casualty'% own
                    CANA autainjector and hook to.pocket next to expended MARK I

                         0. The CANA is not for use as self aid. If you know who you
                    are, where you areg you most likely do not need CANAs DO NOT GIVE
                    CANA TO YOURSELF. IT IS BUDDY-AID.

                         d. Inject CANA in the same way you inject the MARK I.

                             1. When a follow soldier needs additional MARK I
                    Injections after having given himself/hey-self their first
                    injection( sever& difficulty breathing strange and confused
                    behavior-, severely pinpointed pupils, red eyes with tearingg loss
                    of bladder/bowel controls severe muscle twitching convulsions,
 his/her the 2nd and 3rd
                    Injections and THEN THE CANA.

                             E. If he/she has not received any MARK I injection* go
                    ahead and give all three MARK I injections together with his/her

                         R. After injecting buddy with his/her CANA got medical help.

                             DO NOT USE YOUR OWN CANA ON THE CASUALTY

                                            HOWARD M. KIMES, LTC, DIVISION SURGEON

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