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Unit: 22D SUPCOM  

Parent Organization: ARCENT      

Box ID: BX005153

Folder Title: SAUDI ARABIAN AGRI AND DIARY CO LTD                                                             

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                          SUMMARY OF DAILY ACTIVITIES
                       ARCENT VETERINARY OFFICE - RIYADH

                                  1c)@ - [3
      20 Dec 90

           Two Medical Service teams (MST's) of the 422nd Ned Det (JB)
      moved to Log Base Bravo. Officers were MAJ Schiller, VC and MAJ
      Harris, VC plus 6 enlisted 9IR's deployed forward. Several
      truckloads of MRE'S, B ration and MORE's are beginning to move to
      new forward logistics bases. Moved SPC Gentile of the 423rd Ned
      (VC) to Eastern province to work with the 442nd Ned Det (VC).
      COL Wesson and the 422nd Ned Det moved from Cement City to Khobar
      towers in Al Khobar. The 358th Ned Det (JA) and 449th Ned Det
      (JA) arrived in Theater. COL Trask traveled to Dhahran area to
      coordinate veterinary services in the Eastern Province. MAJ Nye
      and MAJ Harris visited two forward Marine dog sites to evaluate
      dogs and another food inspector 91R was assigned to a forward
      marine site at Al-Mishah. COL Alm was notified that a CPT Dale
      Winslow, VC, a Board Certified Pathologist, should be arriving in
      Theater soon with the 431st Civil Affairs Group. All units
      attended NBC training.

      21 Dec 90

           COL Alm traveled by car again to Dhahran for weekly
      Veterinary meeting at M & M compound, 44th Ned Bde. LTC Platt
      accompanied COL Alm and they attended the Pre-Christmas food
      service meeting at Dammam Port. Discussed problems with ARCENT
      SUPCOM G-4 regarding MORE rations and upcoming direct deliveries
      to several new log bases in Theater. MSG Lewis of the 320th Ned
      Det is taking over Riyadh duties from SSG Quick of the 483rd Ned
      Det. CPT Adams MST will move forward to the Dammam Port area
      upon his return from Jeddah where he is inspecting water plants
      and various vendors. COL Alm and LTC Platt returned to Riyadh.

      22 Dec 1990

           COL Alm notified that MWR Pleasure Boat from CUNARD Lines
   will arrive at Bahrain on 23 Dec 1990. Vets are tasked to
      inspect food storage facilities on the ship and check all food
      coming aboard to insure it comes from approved sources. COL Alm
      supplied a menu and ordering estimates to the ARCENT G-4 to order
      food for Theater EPW cage. COL Alm coordinated nutritional
      aspects with COL Friedland, OTSG Nutrition consultant from OTSG.
      SFC Pratt and CW3 Brandow arrived ifi Dhahran and'will travel to
      Riyadh tomorrow. SFC Pratt will be the new NCOIC of the Vet
      Office and CW3 Brandow will act as the operational ration and
      food inspection specialist for the Theater.

      23 Dec 1990

           CPT Whippo & SGT Ralph of the 483rd Med Det traveled to
      Bahrain. SGT Ralph is the 2nd, 9IR deployed to Bahrain and will
      take over inspection responsibilities at the Area Support Unit

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