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File: 970815_sep96_decls57_0001.txt
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Subject = UNIT HISTORY OPERATION DESERT SHIELD 9 APR 91                   

Parent Organization = ARCENT      

Unit = VII CORPS   


Document Number =          2

Box ID = BX000308

                                  Medi6cil,. Detachmenlt- -,@ll

                                      APO-NY 09698

                                                                      9 April 1991

     MEMORANDUM THRU Commander, 217th Medical Battalion, APO NY 09698

     FOR: Commander, 341st Medical Group, APO NY 09698

     SUBJECT: Unit History, Operation Desert Shield/Storm

      1. 23 November 1990 - Unit notified byheadquarters, 30th Hospital Center
     of "Grazing Herd" alert.

      2. 24 November 1990 - Essential unit personnel ordered to active duty to.
     prepare unit for mobilization.

      3. 29 November 1990 - Unit is mobilized. Preparations are completed for
     movement to mobilization station, Fort Knox, KY.

      4. 1 December 1990 - Advance party departs from home station to
     mobilization station - Fort Knox, KY.

      5. 2 December 1990 - Unit departs home station to Fort Knox, KY.
         unit spends Christmas and New Years at Fort Knox. Some families are able
        /visit for brief periods, but for the most part, this is a depressing and
   41@onel@ holiday season-

      6. 4 December 1990 - Unit begins 24 hour continuous operations. Designated
     Night Vision Goggle (NVG) aircrews begin proficiency and currency training.

      7. 4 January 1991 - Unit departs Fort Knox through Standiford Field,
     Louisville, KY utilizing two Air Force C-SB aircraft to move the entire unit.

      S. 0100 hours, 6 January 1991 - Unit arrives at Daharan International
     Airport, Saudi Arabia.

      9. 0500 hours, 6 January 1991 -,Unit is.bussed to temporary quarters in
     severely overcrowded warehouse buildings at the pott of Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
     Conditions are deplorable and very depressing.

     10. 1300 hours, 6 January 1991 - Unit commander makes arrangements to move
     the entire unit to high rise apartments, called the MGM Grand, in Thugbah, a
     suburb of Daharan, and near the airfield where our aircraft are staged.
     While at MGM, Iraq launche's three Scud attacks, one of the first
     missiles is destroyed by a Patriot missile just above us as unit members
     watch. We spend several periods in MOPP level 4.

     11. 7 January 1991 - Unable to obtain assistance from higher headquarters.
     the unit establishes liaison with elements of the XVI!Ith Airborne- Corps to
        omplish required in-country flight standardization and training.

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