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File: 980818_jun96_decls1_0001.txt
Page: 0001
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Subject = SUPCOM EVENING STAND UP 12APR91                                 

Box ID = BX000251

Folder Title = VII CORPS LNO TO 22ND SUPCOM NOTES                                                              

Unit = VII CORPS   

Parent = ARCENT      



            SUPCOM Evening Stand-Up, 12 APR 91

                 1. Theater Threatcon Level. Currently    down to Level B.

                 2.   CARC Painting of Vehicles.      Unstructured discussion
            regarding SUPCOM obligations. Understanding is that painting is
            for one coat only of forest green; no sandblasting. SUPCOM to
            provide equipment and facilities while either VII Corps or
            USAREUR to provide manpower. Reported that LTG Pagonis' aide had
            called, asking if VII Corps had already ordered paint.

                 3.     KKMC    Temporary Washrack    fee   Tracked Vehicles.
            Asphalting is complete; ramps need to be installed.

                 4. Arabic Water Pipes. SUPCOM PMO reported      that the item
            is considered drug paraphenalia, even if it has been purchased
            from the Saudi PX and is intended for use either as a decoration,
            souvenir, or for use with tobacco. Will not clear customs.

                 5.   Mailing of MRES. APO will no longer accept cases of
            MREs to be mailed as parcels.

                 6.   Parcel X-Ray Screening. Complicated by low operational
            readiness rate of machines in theater. KKMC APO will be unable
            to meet USAF requirement to x-ray all parcels; machine destined
            for KKMC to be diverted to either Dhahran or Riyahd to replace
            another broken machine at one of these locations.            SUPCOM
            position is that a physical screen of parcels at KKMC is enough,
            but USAF still insists an x-ray screen.     Will cause substancial
            delay to parcel shipping.

                 7.   AAFES Mail Order Catalog.     PX area manager will make
            same available to units at a rate of one catalog per 100

                 S. Saudi PX Parking.      Parking lot off-limits to tactical
            vehicles at request of the Saudis.       Tactical vehicles may be
            parked across the street.

            SUPCOM Morning Stand-Up

                 1.   No More EPWS.   As of 2200 hours last night no more
            persons may be taken as    EPWS; treat as displaced civilians or

                 2. Back from Change of Command. BB Brown has returned to

                 3. SSBC. Reported that SUPCOM now has 12 days supply for
            VI I Corps on hand. COSCOM LNO has action.


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